Starting to wonder if the RSE guidence, comments by Williamson and others is preparing the ground for some kind of purge in education.

@EstherMcVey1 says how can children learn if they are taught by those who voted differently from their family.
Imagine the other way round, Labour supporting families saying they don't want Tory voters teaching their children, remainers in remain constituencies saying they can't have Brexiters working in schools.

Keep the culture war out of our schools we have enough to deal with
The RSE update has already cause quite a lot of concerns for a variety of reasons.
Some that I've encountered

The comments about speaking against capitalism as extreme.

The choice of language around cancel culture and no platforming

Including antisemitism but not islamaphobia
Concerns that various protest groups like extinction rebellion and BLM can be classed as extremist.

The final point here is interesting, failure to condemn action done in their name.
Of course violence isn't acceptable however how does this apply in the real world.
Seen interesting posts from Muslim activists who are concerned this point plays into the narrative that after an ISIS inspired terror attack all Muslims must speak out as if not doing so makes them complicit, also makes assumption that they aren't already condemning terrorism
After appalling attacks by white supremacists like Christchurch in NZ no one demanded all white christians publically denounce the attacks, thats plain silly they aren't responsible and neither are the vast majority of any ethnic or religious group for the actions of extremists.
Eyebrows are raised over comments about promoting non democratic systems and law breaking, considering our government constant attempts to bypass the sovereignty of Parliament and "specific and limited" breaking of international law
Of course this doesnt mention international law
Some is planning contradictory, for instance harassment of individuals in support of their cause.

Labelling every anti racism campaigner as a hard left Marxist intent on destroying British heritage is harassment in my books.
Then there is the ban on "promoting victim narratives", who decides what is a victim narrative and what is a justified grievance?

A lot of this just seems odd to include in RSE guidence
The same goes with "unsubstantiated accusations against state institutions" how does this work with a government that regularly denies reality.

Thinking of interactions with my own MP @AlokSharma_RDG, spent years raising the issue of school funding, what response did I get?
"School funding has never been higher, the only problems in education are cause by those like you who are more concerned with scaremongering and spreading misinformation rather than focusing on students"
He accused the schoolcuts site of being flawed and inaccurate, unfortunately for @AlokSharma_RDG the UK statistics authority have written several times to DfE telling them to stop making claims about increased education funding "misleading to the point of underming public trust"
Was how the UK Statistics Authority described the stats @AlokSharma_RDG would send in his replies to me.

Tories even tried to get the schoolcuts website taken down. IFS, fullfact and other independent stats experts all went through the figures I was using and described them as
An accurate and fair representation of the current school funding figures.
The same occurred in GE19 when analysis of Johnsons £14billion extra for education proved to be mainly creative accounting and would result in 83% of all schools still facing real term budget cuts
@AlokSharma_RDG continued to call this scaremongering and misleading despite all the fact checkers confirming the schoolcuts site was accurate and had made any minor suggested changes to improve the representation of data.
So what happens when the government claims accurate figures are unsubstantiated accusations?
Whose facts do we use, this governments or the real ones?

Also thinking of promises around 50k nurses and 20k police...
DfE have now said the RSE guidence isn't statutory, however ive seen media commentators and pro government voices in education celebrating this as the start of the "fightback" and listing all the "indoctrination" they will be removing from schools
The vast majority of the things they are getting wound up by aren't actually happening in schools, they are caricatures of the media from their regular rounds of teacher bashing.
Now time for a prediction.
The last time RSE was in the news was regarding protests outside primary schools, most the protestors had nothing to do with the school, all the reasons for the protests appear to be based on misinformation.
Eg 5 years old being taught about anal sex which blatantly wasnt true, the reality was a picture book about different types of families, including single parents and same sex parents, and lessons of being aware of your own and others personal body space.
So my worry is that various agitators will have seen the media interpretation of this advice and will be looking for anything they dislike that they think breaks this non statutory guidence.
Expect trolls to get rumour mills going, amplified on social media to whip up a storm.
Expect the government to either stay out of the debate or to make comments like 'well if this is really going on its not acceptable' without confirming or disproving the stories.

Look at Mcvey and Williamsons comments, will gov intervene if there if protests kick up outside a
School complaining about indoctrination of marxism, homosexuality, BLM, trans rights, even climate change or Brexit?

They didnt step in during the RSE primary school protests, they won't for any of the above, in fact their language seems designed to encourage it.
This is the issue with a cut throat populist government. Social media misinformation leads to protests, leads to misinformation in the papers, leads to goverment pandering to the papers, and you end up with the government taking action to tackle the "hard left indoctrination"
That isn't actually happening. This is how we end up on a slippery slope towards something like an Erdoğan style purge resulting in over 50k educators being removed from their jobs.
Won't be tomorrow, won't be next month but give it a year or two and who knows where we end up
I certainly didn't think we would end up with Qanon conspiracies gaining traction in UK but they have, and I don't discount far right mobs trying to use the RSE guidence to agitate and browbeat educators.
And the same people who talk about free speech, the evils of cancel culture and no platforming, will be the same people cheering the attempts to shut down the those they disagree with.

A slippery slope indeed.
I recommend this thread for a more detailed look at some of the concerns I've highlighted.
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