Eric is the Gob Bluth of the Trump family
Someone needs to do a casting of Arrested Development for the Trump family.

That someone is me.
George Bluth: obviously Donald Trump

Especially his search for shitty hair
Tobias Fünke - Jared Kushner
Lindsey Bluth - Ivanka
Lucille Bluth - Ivana
Lucille 2 - Kimberly Guilfoyle
Kitty - Melania
George Michael - Barron
Maebe - Tiffany
Gob - Don, Jr.
Buster - Eric

There is no Michael Bluth in the Trump family.
Ivana Trump:
Barron Trump:
Tiffany Trump:
Michael Cohen:
Donald Trump, Jr.
Eric Trump:
Ivanka Trump:
Mary Trump:
Jared Kushner:
Donald Trump:
Melania Trump:
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