Today, @EvergreenAction put out 5 keys to covering climate in a presidential debate.

#1. Don’t ask whether or not a candidate ‘believes’ or accepts the science behind climate change.
#2. Don’t discuss the cost of climate action without including the cost of inaction.
#3. Don’t silo climate as a standalone issue; it must be addressed as a crisis deeply intertwined with every major challenge America faces.
#4. Don’t frame climate action as a trade off between jobs and the environment. That is a false choice.
#5. Don’t frame climate change as an issue of individual sacrifices. Climate change is a collective problem requiring an all-out national mobilization led by the federal government.
tl;dr take climate change seriously in the debates! Ask about their plan to decarbonize our nation! Don't ask about their diet, straws, or some other dumb thing!
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