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1) Claire the Citizens of Ireland should vote on the #DyingWithDignityBill It deserves a respectful debate as other sensitive topics have received in recent years #repealedThe8th #SameSexMarriage #Divorce Dying inevitably is part of all our lives.
2) Dying sadly comes to some sooner than expected. My own Mum died of #Cancer aged only 37yrs. As a child listening to my Dad crying at night as my Mum sobbed in pain still haunts me today. #PalliativeCare doesn't always address the mental, emotional & physical pain endured.
3) #PalliativeCare for the most part is good here in Ireland. However for some terminally sick people it does not always manage their pain successfully. This can torture a family unnecessarily on top of guilt & anguish they are already suffering. A person deserves to be at home.
4) In their own bed surrounded by their family & loved ones with the dignity to choose the time to die in peace. It's not for me to deny another person with a Terminal Illness the right to a choice. The #DyingWithDignityBill is only about people who are deemed Terminally sick.
5) This #Bill is NOT about the culling of the most vulnerable in our society. People in a position of influence should not be scaremongering. This is only about a person's right to a choice. For someone who will not recover regardless of medical interventions or treatments.
6) My own son has a disability & we discussed this topic after watching @PhelanVicky recently on #thebiginterview @VirginMedia_One My son a wheelchair user who has suffered a lot & continues to face life challenges agrees that the #DyingWithDignityBill deserves the peoples vote🦋
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