Q*non makes me miss alien autopsy type conspiracy theorists. I'm trying to parse out why, (partly bc aliens just seem more, low stakes I guess? No one tearfully severed ties with Uncle Ted for believing in aliens, and the Thanksgiving fights seem kind of funny in retrospect)...
...but also I think there's a difference in where the distrust is aimed. Could be wrong, but I thought these conspiracies were based in distrust born from actual betrayal. Tuskegee, MKUltra, Project Paperclip. You know, terrible things the US Government actually did in secret.
Their anger was aimed at secrets and atrocities and cover ups. Look at what they did, why wouldn't they also lie about aliens?
And, while there is a cause of child welfare and human trafficking that is sort of the poster that initially seems to unite Q*non believers, the anger is not directed where you would think. It's directed at fellow citizens who do not worship and trust the president.
We've gone from "Trust No One," to "Trust No One but Trump"
I also enjoyed this thread on what Q actually means: https://twitter.com/thelindsayellis/status/1310344523797520384
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