Today marks the 20th anniversary of Second Intifada during which 4,973 Palestinians were killed including 1,262 children and 274 women. Israel helds Yasir Arafat responsible for destroying the peace process by initiating a new Intifada in 2000.

This thread will debunk this myth.
On September 13, 1993, Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) led by Yasir Arafat signed a declaration of principles, known as the Oslo Accord, on the White House lawn under the auspices of President Bill Clinton.

There are two myths associated with the Oslo process. The first is that it was a genuine peace process; the second that Yasser Arafat intentionally undermined it by instigating the Second Intifada as a terrorist operation against Israel.

As per the 1993 accord, Palestinian authorities were called upon to act as Israel’s security subcontractor inside the occupied territories and ensure that there would be no resistance activity. Arafat was expected to accept the Israeli interpretation of final settlement.

During the final summit in 2000, Israeli PM, Ehud Barak demanded a demilitarized Palestinian state, with a capital in a village near Jerusalem, Abu Dis, and without parts of West Bank such as the Jordan Valley, Jewish settlement blocs, and areas in Greater Jerusalem.

The future state of Palestine would not have an independent economic and foreign policy and would be autonomous only in domestic aspects (such as running the educational system, tax collection, municipalities, policing, and maintaining the infrastructures on the ground).

Before explaining further, it's important to recall that the physical partition of Palestine was never the demand of the people of Palestine since it was their land. This idea was originated in 1937 as part of the British Royal Commission, the Peel Report.

Later on, the UN appointed a special commission of inquiry (UNSCOP) to find a solution. The Zionists demanded the creation of a Jewish state over 80 percent of Palestine; the Commission reduced it to 56 percent. But the jews who in 1933 were only 12% of total population...

...and held 3% of the total land in Palestine seized 80% of the area in 1948 after carrying out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

This thread explains Ben Gurion's Plan Dalet.

Now ironically, the peace talks in 1993 were held to force Israel to withdraw from that 20% of territory it couldn't over in 1948 but subsequently captured it in the June War 1967. In essence, the idea was to build peace on the basis of partitioning that 20% land.

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