Thread - Joe Biden has a medical device implanted in his skull

1. Everybody wonders who Dementia Joe gets his instructions during all of his public appearances (as brief as they all are).
2. Hand-written notes? Teleprompter? Streaming instructions from a staffer to his hearing aid? All of the above? Or something more diabolical?
3. The below take is almost certainly correct. Read it and think back about all of Biden’s public appearances and his modus operandi as he interacts with questioners (including average people). Will he try to pull off the same B.S. during tonight’s debate?
4. Here is some informed speculation about what he’s doing. He’s got a medical device implanted in his skull to receive instructions from remote staffers.

It’s called the Esteem Hearing Implant which you can learn about HERE: 
4A. It’s an implant that goes into the skull above the ear and it has two micro-wire probes that are injected into the nerves inside the ear canal. It’s FDA-approved and it uses bone conduction to enhance hearing (sound waves vibrate off the bones of the skull, ….
4B. … and the wire probes send the signal directly into the ear, basically). It’s wireless and it’s controlled by the push of a button, so the user can turn it on and off with a little device… that fits in your pocket.
4C. And that’s how the experts at Bombards Body Language spotted this trick. Joe Biden gets really addled during unscripted, public appearances and interviews. It happened during the CNN Town Hall recently.
4D. When someone starts talking to Joe Biden, there are times when he gets that “addled old man” expression of sheer terror and confusion on his face. He’s totally lost and doesn’t have a clue where he is or what’s happening.
4E. But then – every single time – Biden does what he’s been trained to do in these situations. His right hand goes into his pocket. Then he smiles that big Joe Biden politician smile that we all recognize after 47 years of this guy being in office. Then he answers the question.
4F. When Joe Biden gets confused, he reaches into his pocket and turns on the implant. Whoever is talking to him on the other end instructs him to smile and then starts relaying answers to him until he gets back on track.
4G. Joe hears it because the implant receives a wireless signal and vibrates the bones in his skull.
4H. The body language experts have also noticed that whenever Biden is receiving instructions through the implant, he cannot make eye contact with the person asking him a question. This is a natural response.
4I. Even a young, healthy and spry young mind like Donald Trump’s cannot receive communication input from two sources at once. Joe Biden has to look away from the speaker in order to listen to his handlers, which is why he always looks down when he’s being asked a question.
4J. He’s not thinking or listening intently; he’s receiving instructions from his handlers on which set of talking points to rattle off.
4K. Now we know. And now you know what to watch for during the debates. If Joe Biden looks terrorized and completely lost and confused, he’ll reach into his pocket to turn on his skull implant and then he’ll smile. Every time.
4L. We also know why Joe Biden completely vanished from the campaign trail during July. He wasn’t just hiding in his basement. He was getting his implant installed and recovering from surgery.
5. Read the rest of this commentary here, which also covers what Shrillary almost certainly did during the 2016 presidential debates, too:
6. Tonight’s debate should be great theater. I look for @realDonaldTrump to attempt to confuse Biden in real-time in order to expose his dependency on remote staff support. Per the above, we now know exactly what to look for! Watch Biden's body language carefully. ///The end.
Addendum: Check out this analysis.
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