So this is a most curious thread from @NERCscience ... and it has some significant issues.

The evidence on this statement is not there - there is substantive historical data that indicates that EDI is broken with @NERCscience and broadly within @UKRI_News 2/

(receipts in next tweet)
Lots of people know of the diversity issue within @nercscience awards, it's well recorded and has been brought up in LOTS of meetings - here's is one receipt 3/
Here is another receipt - note I am purposely pointing out the ethnicity issue, which hasn't been addressed in the recent outcry or audit of data - as the gender issue was extremely plain to see 4/
The gender equity of @NERCscience awards is apparently "one of the better indicators" in the EDI space.

Remember if we want equity/social justice, gender is one dimension & we also have to consider people who belong to more than one marginalized group 5/
Now there are lots of ways that this data can be sliced, and lots of inputs in the EDI story - but we can see that are systematic, and historical, imbalances at play, and these are deeply rooted - yet @NERCscience want to talk to their existing base 😬 6/
The language that @NERCscience use here also highlights that @UKRI_News remains siloed - NERC is asking people in NERC-remits on fixing the EDI issue - where only the people who have survived & thrived (likley) have a loud enough voice 7/
Now the reviews are likely welcome - and getting community buy in is going to be critical -

BUT reviews, convening discussions, meetings and more -

Trust me - my DMs & emails are filled with people who engage with EDI issues well, and know lots of the problems, and have known of these for an age.

Yet - the system is set up such that continual harm to @UKRI_News communities happens, as processes continue to exclude folks. 9/
I mean it took a week for a *viral tweet* to circulate before @NERCscience engaged on this topic - via their carefully worded release - and the thread here doesn't imply how interested stake holders beyond the "chosen few" will really have a voice 10/
Now I like the letter that @NERCscience has written - it shows some progress in language and structure, but it also ignores ethnicity and (almost) all the other dimensions of identity - and from above - this has been well known for an age 11/
What could @NERCscience do better?

There are other funding schemes that achieve better equality outcomes - talk to them.
Get an EDI person/team in place who are empowered to enact change and take charge.

Getting EDI right is core business for long term health of research. 12/12
p.s. if some of the folks overlap strongly with many of the DTP ppl I have seen information from via the FOIs I have - some of this will result in awesome change, but there is a massive uphill struggle with many other folk who simply don't understand there is a problem. 👀 13/12
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