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You don’t change the rules after the game has started. As we’re seeing, changing the rules after kickoff is one problem with @NCSBE’s secret adventure last week—I’m going to tell you about another. (1/9) #ncpol
At the same closed session where the @NCSBE bent over backwards to “settle” with Democratic super-lawyer Marc Elias, the same @NCSBE decided they had “no interest in compromis[ing]” to help a group of blind voters. (2/9) #ncpol
Both the @NCSBE lawyers and the @JoshStein_ lawyers admitted that the blind voters were right, but claimed it was “too late” to doing anything about it. They even told a judge the blind voters were right on the law. (3/9) #ncpol
So the @NCSBE agreed to “settle” with Democratic super-lawyer Marc Elias to toss out bipartisan anti-ballot fraud measures, but wouldn’t lift a finger to help blind voters because it was “too late.” Apparently, it wasn’t “too late” for Marc Elias. (4/9) #ncpol
None of us would have known about it except last week a federal trial judge in Elizabeth City saw and cut through the bureaucratic morass. (5/9) #ncpol
Now we know that on 9/8, the @NSBE told the judge in writing, “because the absentee voting period began on 9/4, these changes would need to be made while voting is actually happening which presents particular risk that could jeopardize the ongoing election process.” (6/9) #ncpol
At the 11th hour, the Cooper-controlled @NCSBE agreed to tailor the law for @NC_Governor’s former lawyer Marc Elias, but told the admittedly-correct blind voters “better luck next year.” (7/9)
And they told a federal judge a week earlier that “it's simply too late to implement a new process.” Why the different standards? Remember: the #ncleg created anti-fraud laws twice in public with input from all sides. @NC_Governor’s @NCSBE met in secret and changed the laws.(8/9)
Even still, if @NCSBE thought the election laws were lacking, and both Mr. Elias and the blind plaintiffs wanted changes, why the two orders?

Why the different standards? (9/9)
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