instead of attending #VMworld2020, I think I'm going to live tweet a movie that's supposed to have @PGelsinger in it.
maybe @spoonen would like to follow along as well.

let's see what we got here, #vexperts
let's talk, $VMW
New York, April 2020:
what is data?
nehemiah 1: 1-4
tell me about my people.
tell me about my city.
they used metadata to measure prayer requests to help steward people.

apparently Nehemiah did something with the data?
Churches own the relationship space.

now we're in London.
the site of the first inquiry every of social media and disinformation.

two words: Cambridge Analytica
(well we know about that stuff, right?)

actual FAKE NEWS.
@charleskriel from Alabama?
thank god I'm a country boy.

shout out to you, bruh.
google youtube twitter and facebook were to be interviewed in the UK.

hey, there's Damian Collins talking to Alexander Nix.
Alexander Nix talking about religious orgs w access to data.

dear @charleskriel please keep that beard, bro. it looks good.
@charleskriel talking about being a digital media analyst working for house of commons while drawing in the baby's room.

love it.

and then he played Nix's ego?
oh you clever devil you.
holy crap. 4-5000 data points on every American in the United States?

gonna need a LOT of #vSAN to hold that much stuff.

if it was me, I'd put it on @VAST_Data
@charleskriel - playin on nix's narcissism.

don't even know this guy, but i already love him.
with 300 likes @Facebook can better predict your behavior than your wife.

now let's talk about radicalizing people.
let's talk about pushing people to vote.

huh. Facebook is a psyop.
Sven Hughes.

also has a nice beard.

SLC whistleblower.
talking about how big data is unregulated.

"are you scared?"

"I warned Dan Muresan"

Dan is now dead while on an SCL contract in Kenya.

Chris Wylie takes his place.
Chris Wylie blew the whistle.

Police were bribed to not enter room for 24 hours.
wonder what poisons break dwn.
holy shit, somebody offered Sven a freaking DIAMOND MINE.
Chris Vickery: United in Purpose leaks.

hey now, @charleskriel not all hackers are bad, bro.
@chrisvickery gankin all the cloud data, bbys.

wonder if he ever heard that data is lying to you podcast.

Data Trust company, very close to the GOP.
"basically the same entity"

wonder if @mikefarb1 knows about this.
oh, the @FBI knows.

Chris Vickery drops the hard drive bomb on the committee.
they got one fucking dev working on it 1/2 time????

who the fuck are these cheddarheads
"there is an alignment of very very wealthy interests with political interests who do not have democracy at heart, who do not have the interests of people at their heart"
- @charleskriel

ya know, @PGelsinger gots a fat bank account.
Alexander Nix pulling a bitch in front of the committee.

"Cambridge Analytica is by no means the only company providing illegal, immoral, unethical services to clandestine hidden hands that pay big money for them. and no one will challenge them."

@charleskriel spent 18 months on this shit and the media just dumped it into a black hole.

but he had some serious records from America.

like that BBC 4 thing that just dropped.

quando quieras?
Congressional testimony over Ukraine.
Group prayer in the west wing, tweeted by Paula White Kain.

"this story has been handled in the wrong way"
- @charleskriel
shout to #infosec threat analyst @realShawnEib analyzing a million records on that hard drive bomb.
hey @amazon I was watching that. wtf?
ah, probably just lag.

United in Purpose - wtf is this?
holy shit 190 million voting records from Unity in Purpose that pretty much EXACTLY matches the GOP's database?

well that's uhh.....interesting.

#VMworld2020 #vexperts
"why does an evangelical group need 190 million records? there aren't even that many evangelicals... 28 million highly enriched profiles. Charles Vickery found himself in there. those records were predicting people's stance on issues."
- @realShawnEib

"it's a deep understanding of how a person will vote"

isn't there separation of church and state?

oh hai @kathsstewart, i dig your writing.

"Conservative churches in America are used to spread a number of clearly partisan political messages."

- @kathsstewart

who do I know at VMware that's religious and conservative?
who sits on a Trump council?

Religious leaders goin around the country trying to sway votes n shit.

How are they not taxed?
They're freaking right wing PACs under guise of religion, yo.

we need to fix that and soon.
oh, now here's where we start talking about Gloo.

you know Gloo, that company that @PGelsinger is one of the founding investors and Chairman of the Board?

here's what the movie's talking about: 
holy shit. the interfaces look real freaking familiar to anyone who's ever worked w/ #vSphere.

watch the video on that insights . gloo . us page.
Sven says that shit's outrageous.

"going to hell in a handcart"

now we got Brent Allpress up in the mix.

Brents got the Cambridge info.
hell, you don't even have to watch the movie to get this info about Gloo, #VMworld2020. Brent's just tweeting that shit out live.
We pause now to say:
Hi #VMworld2020, i sure do miss y'all.
Sorry I'm watching a movie instead of attending, but this seems kind of important. You can join me here if you want.

Love you all, #vexpert #vCommunity #VMUGatVMworld
a quick aside:
Oh I do hope we get to what @gloo thinks is effective messaging, don't you, #VMworld2020?
we now return to our movie livetweet for #VMworld2020. we're watching "People You May Know" starring @charleskriel and @gloo, a software dev company with @PGelsinger as Chairman of teh BoArDz.
so turns out Cambridge Analytica is broke af.

not unlike Trump. heh.
so @BrentAllpress finds the Philanthropy Roundtable is a creditor for Cambridge Analytica.

I know @PGelsinger is big on philanthropy.

I mean, I wish we had a fair and equitable system where philanthropy wasn't required, but hey, capitalism.

oh shit, Philanthropy Roundtable is a Koch Bros op.

HEY! Look #vexperts! They have roundtable experts too!
on policy and gov affairs, even.
we just do stuff like storage configuration.
they apparently do...uhh....other things.
cofi platform freedom initiative, what now?

oh, Culture of Freedom Initiative rewired the brain of this woman speaking.

we call that social engineering in #infosec.
some folks call it brainwashing.
Communio (formerly cofi) hooked up w/ Cambridge Analytica and Gloo. chart onscreen looks like this (sorry, my writing sucks sometimes) PR is Philanthropy Roundtable, CA is Cambridge Analytica.
"They're aggressively marketing to churches as a way of expanding their outreach."
- @BrentAllpress

I mean, we aggressively marketed community and outreach at @VMware, right folks?

hell, I started #vBeards, but absolutely refused to make it an org with a leader. Leaders are co-opted.

@MyVMUG is a HUGE community. but it has a leader.

sometimes, orgs get taken- like #vLadies
wait wait, they specifically targeted people with relationship problems to get them involved in church?

whoa. how about just being a friend and offering solace, not pushing them into a religion, yo.

if you put these tactics into an audience ripe for information influence, they're trying to create a universe of control, so when you're vulnerable it's "we're there for you."

that's ISIS techniques.
that's like, Taliban shit, yo.

parasiting the infrastructure of religion to put in a malevolent message.

"these techniques are the techniques used in radicalization."
- @charleskriel

btw, read "Radicalized" by @doctorow, great book.

#VMworld2020 #vexperts #vbeards #vCommunity #vLadies #VMUGatVMworld
OH, Matt's the director of @gloo labs

and they show some seriously creepy "Recruiting for God" video.

and here's Gloria Beth Amodeo

she got recruited by Cru.

oh hai, @gloriousbeth!
wait, does Cru really want to "convert the WHOLE WORLD" to the Jesus is Lord and Savior thing?

i mean, Jesus is cool.
but so is Mohammed pbuh.
and Moses (shoutout to my Jewish fam)
Buddha (kinda love that guy)
Ganesha always my fave.

I mean the "Whole World"?
@crutweets dis u?
I mean, 8kun recruits for qanon.
420chan recruited for Anonymous.
Somethingawful recruited goons
4chan created @bro_anon42.

yeah, I can see software as a recruiting tool.
I mean, what's @Workday my @VMware peeps?
so in the movie @gloriousbeth is talking about how the people function of @crutweets was to identify "ripe apples" to be plucked for the cause.

I gotta follow her to find out more.

reminds me how @Vmware was able to recruit people like @DuncanYB in teh vForums

"If you wanna live this beautiful life you gotta believe these things to."
"why should i submit to my husband?"

wow, they tried to cut @gloriousbeth's family out as well as her non believing friends.

that seems kinda anti-diversity.

oh great, they have a military branch.
now the diagram looks like this, #VMworld2020 :
so they're interviewing homes, and he's using data analytics and big data to find folks who could be persuaded on certain topics.

this gloo insights dashboard they're showing sure af looks like something you'd see in @vRealizeOps
same fonts and all. damn.

J.P. says companies want to sell things.
they spend a LOT on marketing.
as all tech heads know, this is true.

direct quote:
"there's no product better to sell, really, than the Gospel."
now the movies talking about how there are more and more religious nones.

folks w/out religion.

heh, cuts to communio video, paraphrased:
salesman slaps roof of church

"this baby uses communio and fits more families every week"

and now the video is saying that the lack of family is what drives the rise in nones.

well, yeah, families indoctrinate their kids in religious beliefs, communio. that's how it works.
so JP helps design facebook ads for people in at risk areas like marriage troubles

"those couples can be guided over time into what we call a growth journey"

well that's just creepy af.
and now they've got this shot in the movie talking about "another project partner is Cambridge Analytica, which specializes in microtargeted outreach marketing to draw people into classes, programs, and events sponsored by the initiative."

well just look at BBC4 leaks yesterday.
and it show Communio does big numbers with heavily conservative think tanks.

not bad digits J.P. half a mill from Heritage Found

what strings come attached to that.

J.P.: "we've talked to a lot of committed christians who say that these aren't their resources, they're god's."
"what a lot of these charities do, is they protect the privacy of the person, largely because it's a gospel imperative"

J.P, what you on about, son?


@charleskriel heads for the bible belt to "let it out a notch"

and he talks about the programs that try to draw people into the church.

griefshare: loss of spouse, we're here to help.
now in the movie they're heading to the Peace Lutheran Church to talk to Pastor Zantz.

Pastor Zantz says the best time to connect people to god is at their moment of grief.

that seems kind of predatory.
aw now that makes me sad.

the movie shows a griefshare video when this lady gets in the passenger side of her car cuz she forgot her hubby passed.

now i wanna join.

stupid advertising.

#VMworld2020 #VMworld

now there's a dude talking about some poor young lady who was not a believer that found griefshare, answers were given and now she's an asset church.

that's using emotional trauma to recruit, bruh.
that's dirty af.
not cool.

when you search grief share app on twitter it looks like this, so

i mean, that's recruitment, fo sho.
so apparently griefshare is growing exponentially.

"yes it is" says the good pastor z "and they have new types of 'entry events'..."

umm, entry event is a gaming term.
ask @jimstewartson about building games.
dude's a guru.

Pastor Z:
"and then they introduce you to the Thirteen Weeks series of Grief Share. They give you a taste of what that's like."

um, no thank you, Pastor Z.
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