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Alright, good folks, time for a thread. Thank you to @techno_fog for posting this link to the FBI/DOJ FD302 of FBI Special Agent William Barnett’s interview by US Attorney John Jensen of the Eastern District of Missouri.
It should be noted that USA Jensen of EDMO was assigned to review Crossfire Razor, the #flynn investigation, for criminal activity & misconduct.

This FD302 was released to Gen Flynn’s lawyer Sidney Powell as part of this ongoing investigation.
2. Within the first opening paragraphs of this FD302 bombs are already falling. Big bombs. The first here is something I’ve discussed at length with @tracybeanz - the use by FBI & DOJ personnel of Microsoft Lync instant messenger. The internal agencys’ servers are subject to
backups & archiving. In other words, Jensen & other investigators working with him likely have recovered huge conversations between all the parties. They could wipe their phones, but they cannot wipe out the Lync conversations.
By the way, those are official government records & they are subject to Freedom Of Information Act request. (FOIA)

The second major disclosure is that from the beginning, Special Agent Barnett saw the entire ‘crossfire hurricane’ case as quote ‘supposition on supposition’.
In other words, mythical conspiracy theories being chased down in the never-ending effort to ‘get Trump’.
3. Wait a sec: so Strzok personally assigns SA Barnett to the crossfire hurricane investigation but he doesn’t have access to the case files? He’s the case agent on Crossfire Hurricane, the sub investigation into Flynn. But he has to get casefiles from an analyst?
They weren’t very serious about this investigation at this point. He even calls it unclear & disorganized.

Barnett also notes the predication for opening the case is weak at best. The weak predication, use of National Security Letters to get around not having subpoena power or
warrants, its not legitimate from the start.

SA Barnett states up front this was ‘treading lightly due to upcoming investigation’- they wanted to get dirt to help Hillary win but not get caught interfering.
4. On the day of the election, SA Barnett & FBI CI Analyst 1 have a blunt discussion & conclude they don’t understand the point of this investigation & believe it’s a waste of time.
In other words, the people on the case looking at it objectively see no point to it. That’s because the objective was to interfere in the election, not to protect National Security: NATSEC was nothing more than a pretext to do it- an excuse.
Another bombshell: usually SA’s who are cases officers have the authority to close their own cases. Crossfire Razor was different- only HQ had that authority, not the case agent. Comey & McCabe were the ones making that decision.
Further into this screenshot, Barnett states it had become more ‘complex’ because Trump won & Flynn was going to be National Security Advisor. I read this to say that the level of importance of this investigation in subverting an incoming Trump admin went to 11 on a scale of 10.
4. (Cont) Barnett called out analyst 3 & the SSA overseeing it who I believe was Joseph Pientka- asks them what the end game is? Clearly they didn't give Barnett an answer. Barnett suggests interviewing Flynn to get to the heart of the matter, and they flat out tell him no.
So Barnett goes to Special Agent In Charge of WFO (Washington field office) who floats interview suggestion to higher HQ (Comey & McCabe & likely J Baker & L Page); they reject it flatly.
What Barnett doesn't know & we knew from previous Strzok/Page text releases was they (Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Preistap, Baker, Page & others) were already planning an ambush interview of Flynn deliberately designed to entrap him. Sally Yates & Mary McCord were integral to this.
Remember this? 👇
5. Barnett was not part of any FURTHER CONVERSATIONS CONCERNING INTERVIEW OF FLYNN- UNTIL THE DAY AFTER STRZOK PERSONALLY AMBUSHED FLYNN WITH PIENTKA! The message was clear: Barnett was too objective- he wasn’t part of the ‘secret society’ read into the REAL purpose
of the interview & the investigation- to get Flynn, by any means necessary including entrapment. Barnett wouldn’t have gone along with that, so they shut him out of it. IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING this interview Strzok took direct control of Crossfire Razor.
This is an official sworn statement. This is court evidence that they knew they were entrapping Flynn and the case agent of record was starting to suspect it.
6. FBI HQ: Strzok, Preistap, Ghattas, McCabe, Comey, Baker, Page, Clinesmith, others. DOJ: Mary McCord, Sally Yates & others. Actively meeting about FISA’s to plan & map out #FISAabuse & #spygate - as well as how to entrap Flynn.
The meeting Yates had with Pence setting events in motion unbeknownst to Pence what was really going on... While Sally Yates, McCabe & others were leaking damaging lies from Crossfire Hurricane & Razor to David Ignatius to damage the Trump admin & force Flynn firing & give
further pretext for the illegitimate investigations.

7. Andrew McCabe took over & was personally running a weakly predicated investigation into the incoming National Security Advisor- while leaking lies to the press from the case & lies from the Steele dossier.
This is damning. ESPECIALLY when you understand that McCabe had a *personal vendetta* against General Mike Flynn. See below for context: 👇
8. You see, Gen Flynn was a character witness for the victim in a sexism/discrimination case against Andrew McCabe: Robyn Gritz.

See this story about SSA Gritz & how Gen Flynn stood up for her as McCabe destroyed her career for speaking out. It gives you the motive for
10. Fast forward: Comey has been fired because Trump found out what he was doing. He was likely warned about what was happening to himself & Flynn by a corrupt FBI Director running an ongoing #coup.
Now Mueller, Comey’s lifelong best friend has near superpowers as Special Counsel- thus taking power away from McCabe but giving it to Mueller, Weissmann & Clinton foundation lawyer Jeannie Rhee. I will *never* forgive Sessions for this.
Barnett is ordered by Strzok to brief SCO attorneys (prosecutors)- Rhee interrupts, challenges, makes it clear Rhee has one purpose. Get Flynn on something. Anything. At this point, it probably dawns on Barnett what this is & he goes over her head to primary SCO Atty 1
(Weissmann?) & says he wants off the case.

Barnett knows this is a political operation not a real case.

11. That first sentence: “Rhee was obsessed with Flynn & Russia & had an agenda.” Barnett flat out refused to work with her.
He wanted nothing to do with her. He knows what she was doing was at best unethical & wrong & at worst, was criminal & abuse of power, & he wanted nothing to do with it. He goes to SCO Atty1 (Weissmann?) & a SECOND time says he wants nothing to do with Crossfire Razor.
This is a big deal: FBI agents don't get to choose the cases they work but here’s a senior line agent telling the SCO he wants no part of their #witchhunt
12. So Rhee & SCO Atty1 (Weissmann?) got on the phone to McCabe & Strzok ASAP. Within ONE DAY Strzok, who tries to change his mind. My theory is Barnett was one of several agents that got an inside look & said ‘nope, I'm out, this is wrong’ & Strzok is doing damage
control to keep it staffed.

Barnett flatly tells him this is a waste of time, theres nothing there. Think back to the Strzok/Page texts we’ve read: Strzok admits to Lisa Page ‘there’s no ‘there’ there.’ It was a dry hole. An empty treasure chest.
Strzok & Wiessmann? double down, tell Barnett ‘we’ll have you work on stuff Rhee isn’t involved in.’ Strzok says he’ll be a buffer between Barnett & Rhee.

The incredible part here is Barnett relents: he says he agrees, but his reason is to be the sane adult in the room.
I’m not sure I understand that; he has no real power & surely he would have known that.

13. The last part of this screen shot is REALLY interesting: he was segregated from the rest of the SCO team, with them working out of FBI HQ- were they keeping him at WFO to keep him under
the microscope afraid he was going to leak damaging info about what they were doing? Were they concerned he’d go to the DOJ OIG?
14. The moment shit got real. Trump knew about the #coup & was acting to stop it; this is the moment FBI & SCO leadership went to panic mode & full speed ahead. The need to get something to remove Trump was now urgent.
15. Barnett saw the political operation go into overdrive. It was not objective: it had one mission- end Trump’s Presidency before it really got started. A #coup - they were going after anyone & everyone desperate to get anything they could use against Trump.
15. ‘......But more the conviction there was ‘something criminal there’....’ and ‘there was a lack of letting the evidence lead the investigation.’ This is critical.

Lavrenti Beria, the founder of the organization that became the Soviet KGB was known for saying ‘show me the
man & I’ll show you the crime.’

In other words, find something to get them on, even if you have to manufacture it- like Strzok & Page forging the FD302 of Flynn’s interview to make it appear he lied so he could be forced into a guilty plea. A conviction McCabe was driving &
the whole team needed to justify the effort to go after President Trump.

Barnett takes a great deal of time explaining how the SCO team worked: how they tried to entrap every person they interviewed in an effort to force people to make up testimony implicating the President.
He details how Weissmann was personally involved in the effort to entrap KT MacFarland here.

15. (a) Barnett at one point during the investigation of MacFarland is threatened with removal because his efforts at getting to the truth are directly negating the SCO prosecutors’
efforts to entrap her, & get her to ‘compose’- to invent incriminating testimony against the President to save herself from the entrapment!

16. This part of the FD302 gives even more details of the SCO Team threatening Barnett to keep MacFarland’s entrapment on track.
This is KGB style stuff, folks. This is felony prosecutorial misconduct.

17. Folks, this is the money shot. Crossfire Hurricane was NEVER, EVER about safeguarding National Security as Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Baker & Page all testified to UNDER OATH before congress, it was ONLY
about turning the entire federal law enforcement & intelligence communities against political enemies to remove them from power. In this case, the political enemy the FBI, CIA & DOJ chose to use illegal surveillance & illegal investigations to remove
was the lawfully elected President of the United States. This was a #coup

18. Here’s my final thought: they all know this was politically motivated. They all knew it was illegal.

They all know they could be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for participating.
They went out and bought additional insurance policies in case it came back on them!

Be under no illusions- everyone from SA William Barnett to Barack Obama KNEW this was illegal & abuse of power.

And it wasn't just FBI & DOJ personnel: everyone at CIA involved in
the Intelligence Community Assessment (which Brennan added the Steele dossier to) that John Brennan pushed, also bought a policy.

Here are some previous thoughts on Professional Liability Insurance for you to read:
19. This tweet & screenshot from @techno_fog says it so perfectly:
20. This was a #coup by our intelligence & law enforcement agencies against the President who We The People elected.

If these people aren’t brought to justice, we are signaling there are no consequences for the greatest crimes in American history, & they will successfully
seize control of the country next time, irreversibly.

This is life & death. We must have justice.

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