In this session of 'How to tackle Mud-slinging 101", a frequent accusation is TharnType depicts gays as predatory. So I’m gonna introduce some gay charactars from TTTS. This is long, so grab a quiche (or boba tea). #mewgulf @MAME12938 #TharnTypeTheSeriesSS2 #TharnTypeTheSeries
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Poster child for Agape love (a k a selfless for everyone). Big LGBTQ supporter even before realising he was gay himself. Had limitless affection for a guy who often hit n cussed at him bcos Ai'No is both perceptive n kind enuf to see beyond his bestie's thorny exterior.
Accepted n still loved bestie when said bestie spouted nonstop homophobic nonsense for years. Hid his real orientation for a long time as he was afraid it'd hurt his bestie. Probably the only pillar of strength & friendship in the island when Little Type was 11 (and later).
PTSD patient n high schooler. Found the courage to reveal his shame-filled trauma to the boyfriend of his ex – ex being the first love he'd never forget- so that the bad guy could be defeated. Brave enough to draft a fresh new start for himself away from the comfort of home.
Southern bloke. Lived with childhood abuse trauma memories for 10 yrs yet mentally v strong: consistent A+ student, didn't let a bad incident destroy his love for football, chose to study a degree where he could heal people, (later in the tale) mentor to confused souls.
Never backed down from a fight. At the same time, didn't forget to think of others even when they intended him possible harm. Did not want to report these two bcos he didn't want media attention even to his enemies.
Never failed to apologise whenever he realised he'd been a dick. Learned from his mistakes. Always gave his fullest and tried his very best, once he became committed.
Capable of sacrificing his own happiness for his loved one.

That was Type, our main lead.

And that brings us to the last but never the least king in this list... (drumroll.....)
One of the most understanding, almost saintly charactars in a BL show. (Yes, biggest real estate of this thread will belong to this guy... don't like? Deal with it).

Poster child for Ahimsa. Someone who never hit back even when folks hurt him physically and emotionally.
In fact, the only time Tharn used his fists was to defend people he loved: Tar at the hotel (ep11), Type during ep12 confrontation with Lhong.

Tharn never gave in to bullying. Even when pressured by the love of his life, he didn't pander to him mindlessly. He stood up to him.
Super empathetic. Didn't show disgust when Type reveals his abusive past to him. Instead, embraced him, literally n otherwise.

(TW: IRL, revealing something like this has the chance of driving people away bcos they don’t want to be bothered to share your pain. Trust me, I know)
Super patient. Was never fed up living with / loving an abuse survivor (also trust me, it's no walk in the park) who'd often resort to kicking/hitting because said BF is a toddler unable to control his emotions or use words to resolve issues (nah, Type is actually 1 year older!)
Super accepting. Handled his boyfriend's mood swings and foul mouth and closet behaviour in keeping their relationship a secret, with grace & patience.

Super warm & caring. Never failed to wear his heart on his sleeve and show his hot-headed faen how much he loved him.
Willing to repent. Cried with his crush when he realised how he'd triggered him. Publicly apologised for being sexually aggressive to Type.

Infinitely brave. Even after all his past faens dumped him, didn’t hide from life. Still found it in him to open his heart to new love.
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