Some of the great "humanitarian work" done by Amnesty India

1)Supported CPIM's calls for scrapping AFSPA, Sedition, Death Penalty and the NSA
2) Opposed death penalty for Nirbhaya's rapists.

This is not an argument for/against death penalty. These guys were beyond reform & rehabilitation, and would only be a burden on society if let free, and a burden on the taxpayer if imprisoned for life.
3) Opposed India's right to regulate its own borders and deport illegal immigrants, especially those who have been kicked out of their own country for taking up arms against Myanmar and trying to carve out their own State in Rakhine.
4) Called for the "immediate release" of the 11 accused in the Bhima-Koregaon case.

Quite clear that this organisation had fuck-all to do with human rights, and everything to do with being a pressure group with vested, anti-India interests
5) I don't even know where to begin.

This is just disgusting. No proof, no claims, just outright labeling the Govt's claims as "appalling" because the agenda is all about whitewashing terror: whether Islamic terror or Red Terror doesn't really matter.
A simple explanation into why FCRA amendments were needed, and how NGOs are simply pressure groups for hire that are used to go act and lobby against national interest in the name of social justice, humanitarianism or environment protection:
Cracking down on NGOs, despite mountains of proof, is considered a big taboo in the world of "liberal democracies". Just ask Putin.

Exactly why this required IMMENSE political capital.

Thank you PM @narendramodi for again pulling off the unthinkable. đź’Ż
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