About those teachers trying to indoctrinate America’s youth: There’s about 3.7 million classrooms in the US. Yes, I’m sure you have seen examples from within that group if teachers who are using that position to push a social agenda, but it is a small, small number.
More than anything, we are still dealing with classrooms that teach almost all books and stories and histories of white men, and the work you may hear about is an effort to balance those scales a little bit.
More than anything, most of us are working our asses off to give each kid what they need to do what they want to do in the world. The idea that we could stand in front of a group of human faces every day, faces we grow to love and care for and worry about, and use that position..
to try to brainwash them, is ridiculous. Yes, we will expose them to new ideas and cultures unlike their own and concepts like empathy and critical thinking. If that is dangerous sounding to you, then I don’t know what to say.
NOT teaching kids about the world from many perspectives, ONLY teaching them to love and obey American power, seems a much more dangerous thing to do to their brains.
But also, this is more than that. Teachers have been identified as the next big target in the culture war you are being led to fight. Whether it’s immigrants, antifa, BLM, the squad...
Trump and his media always have an enemy for you, is always exaggerating (and usually lying) about the danger, and intention of that enemy. His base works best for him when they are scared, when there are shadowy forces trying to take their country away that only Trump can fight.
It’s imaginary. There are no planes of Antifa flying to cities to destroy them. There is no BLM marxist plot. Teachers are not indoctrinating students to hate America.
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