She was first taken to Chandpa police station on a motorcycle. It was on this cement block outside thana where she was made to lie down. 'No one accompanied us to the hospital', relative of Hathras rape victim told @newslaundry. Read the full report here:
Sense of fear is palpable at her home with her sister-in-law saying, 'These days even after sunrise we are scared to step outside'.
It was this drain running between the houses of Thakurs and members of Valmiki community that was the latest cause of dispute. In 2001, Ravi and father of another accused were arrested for chopping fingers of the grandfather of the Hathras rape victim.
Days before her death a cousin of Hathras rape victim had put out a post on Twitter tagging some channels. 'Not a single TV channel came to report on this. I posted the tweet many times but no one even LIKED it', he says.
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