Hiya #PitchYaGame and anybody else who sees this!

JUMPQUEST is a platformer where you jump on dialogue. You can solve each level in different ways by recording the dialogue and playing it back!

Monkey see, monkey do. 🙊

#platformer #gamedev #pixelart
Every choice you make will impact how you complete the level.

#PitchYaGame #gamedev #indiedev
Every character talks in a unique way. This makes for an insane amount of variety of platforming challenges.

For example, here's a ghost whose dialogue platforms can only be seen in mirrors throughout the level! đź‘»

#PitchYaGame #gamedev #indiedev
The game is very early in development. Right now, I'm just looking for friends and contacts— people who are as excited about this idea as I am!


You can follow my progress here or on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jumpquestgame/ 
To end my first #PitchYaGame thread:

Here's my original mini-trailer for the game. You can see a few of the characters you'll meet, and places you'll go!

You can look backwards through this thread to see different gimmicks and ideas!
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