Some clarifications on the Syrians apparently being shipped by Turkey to fight in Azerbaijan (previous thread here:
I know some of the men who've signed up to go & spoke to relatives & friends of men who've left (but no confirmation of their arrival)
These men are overwhelmingly members of the Turkish-established and backed "Syrian National Army" (SNA), a conglomeration of former rebel groups & newly created militias that fight under Turkish command in northern Syria (against the Kurdish YPG militia & previously ISIS).
Starting in late 2019, thousands of SNA fighters have also been deployed to fight in Libya alongside forces of the UN-recognized gov based in Tripoli. Since 2016, Turkey gradually reduced the salaries of these fighters in Syria, leaving them with about $1.5 per day.
The low salaries are what prompted thousands of SNA fighters to go fight in Libya (and now possibly Azerbaijan). In Libya fighters are paid around $2,000. Men signed up to go to Azerbaijan based on rumors of similar salaries and even $2,500 monthly.
The SNA presents itself as an opposition force to the Syrian regime while in reality carrying out Turkish orders. The SNA officially denies involvement of its forces in Libya and Azerbaijan, despite multiple videos of these fighters that have been geolocated to Libya.
These men engage is systematic looting, protection rackets, extortion, kidnappings for ransom, smuggling of humans, drugs, cigarettes and weapons. Torture is commonplace in their prisons. More on their abuses of civilians in a recent UN report
The phones of those who left supposedly to Azerbaijan were taken from them, so it's their habit of stealing items from corpses that may allow us to confirm their presence there: if they're indeed deployed on frontlines & able to steal the phones off of Armenian soldiers they kill
These fighters, however, are not jihadists, as they are sometimes portrayed. Their willingness to fight for Turkey, a state jihadists consider to be apostate attests to that. Thousands of them signing up to fight for Shia-majority Azerbaijan attests to that too.
After being deployed in Libya, these men have gotten more heavily into drinking alcohol & exploiting desperate women who are willing to sell their bodies. They've also engaged in systematic looting. For Armenians' sake, I hope these men aren't deployed there.
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