I noticed ‘MCO2.0’ (MCO is lockdown term in Malaysia) trended yesterday cos folks were divided in lockdown being Netflix 24/7 vs “hey this sht is serious people DIED cos of the effects of lockdown to employment, mental health etc” and now I’m seeing similar thoughts globally.
I’m reflecting on my own experience where lockdown/quarantine was an incredible blessing and recognized it’s cos little changed for me eg my work type and company have embraced WFH + remote working for years, and I live alone but have always been a homebody/introverted.
Months since the global lockdown where we’ve seen and are still seeing devastating effects, I believe no country can afford a second national lockdown - not even the Dutch and hell, this small country is rich and EU-front and backed - and for economic and health reasons.
For health I’m thinking of mental health. The rise in suicides globally and prolonged cabin fever (I’ve a friend experiencing this now and can’t seem to snap out of it with constant whispers of an impending lockdown and resurgence) really make me feel lost and helpless.
It’s like... I’m okay, personally, and I know that I will be and am just cos of the kind of person that I am. But I know of and know others who aren’t - worldwide - and now I can’t stop wondering the (even more) devastating impacts of another lockdown, wherever they take place.
It really gives me thought and pause that in case anyone believed Corona is behind us... not a chance.
I’m thinking of this today and filled with all sorts of non-helpful thoughts so I decided to dump this thread thought as a kind of acceptance of whatever the present is right now, and soldiering on.
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