She walked us to where she had found her daughter naked, bleeding and almost dead. Since the incident, she had not visited this part of the field.

“Everytime I close my eyes,” she said, breaking down uncontrollably, “I see the image of what I saw that day.”

After finding bleeding and injured, her family took her to Chandpa police station where they made her lie groaning in pain on a stone platform in the sun. “The police kept saying, ‘Just take her from here. She’s being dramatic and lying here. Do you want to trap us?’” #Hathras
For six days she was kept in a normal ward. It was after political preassure that she was shifted to an ICU.

“The doctors refused to tell us what was happening and we had to keep asking them to come take a look at her”, said her brother. #Hathras
Her brothers describe how the village still practises untouchbility.Even now when they go to a shop, the shopkeeper sprinkles water on the money they give him.“If by mistake one of us touches a packet of biscuits, we have to buy it and cannot return it,”said the brother. #Hathras
And yet, BJP MLA Rajvir Daler says “Everything was fine and everybody in the village lived happily with each other. There is no such thing as a caste system in the village,” he claimed while adding that this is not a rape case. @myogiadityanath Your merciless silence is scary.
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