Watching the @abc730 report on #TAFE. My grandfather wrote business curriculum for TAFE in the 1970s (that they’re still using!). We are a family who believes in vocational training. We’ve watched TAFE get bastardised and destroyed for three generations and it’s heartbreaking.
Other RTAs that run for profit are able to provide better equipment and opportunities for learning because of that profit. They also lock so many out of the education system. Governments defunding and destroying public vocational training is appalling and unforgivable.
I am a teacher, advocate and carer and my certs and diplomas with practical skills taught me more than all of my university study. #SupportTAFE #VocationalTraining #Learning
I also come from North Sydney, where the snobbery about going to uni vs going to TAFE was stifling. Smart kids went to uni, dumb kids went to TAFE. Rich kids went to uni, poor kids went to TAFE. Cool kids went to uni, bogans went to TAFE. This is systemic-
The defunding of TAFE is in line with state and federal coalition governments consistently widening the socioeconomic divide, increasing systemic racism and constantly pitting groups of people against others.
Vocational training is a vital part of our community. Our child care workers, our aged care workers, our case managers, our electricians and plumbers and welders and hairdressers and florists and DSWs and mechanics come from vocational training.
Our FIRST AID COURSES are vocational training. So much of the absolutely important and necessary skills we need people to have come from TAFE. So many of the people we rely on have relied on TAFE.

TAFE is a necessity and we have destroyed it and we will reap what we have sowed.
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