sometimes i stumbled upon those who saying that vrvr has changed too much and no longer different from the trend of mature/dark concept, while at certain degree i do agree
i still want to point out vrvr stayed true to their bright concepts for 1 year with 3 albums. 3 ALBUMS thats ballsy yet nobody noticed them. but once they take a whole turn suddenly people notice them? it aint adding up â˜đŸ»
some of these people only emphasize on how sad to watch bg went from bright to dark but then only pay attention to them when they changed to the latter.
this all comes back to business for them, if the bright concepts obviously don't bring in as much why would they keep doing it for the sake of being "oh that gp does bright concept" and thats it. them taking changes to appeal for more audience is a given
vrvr literally developed their own sound since debut and you can still hear it even in their recent releases. if you pay More attention than just saying oh they changed to just another gp with mature image. Its very much STILL THERE!!!
i just think if you weren't into a gp as much pls its better to not say anything about things like these bcos seriously, it's ridiculous. acting as if its a lost to them to try on new concepts after ignoring them on the first place. not your space to spill any 2 cents
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