Roland Martin and Maggie Haberman are both subjects in a conversation I want to have about how candidates spend their time and money.

But will put a pin in it until Nov 4.

What I will say now is funny that National press complain when local press is afforded too much attention
One of the best, thoughtful and deep conversations President Hillary Clinton had in 2016 was with “ urban radio”

She was able to go deep on subjects like mass incarceration, answering in a way that connected with voters.

The National media framed it as if she dodged real media
The same national media that had thousands of email stories but failed to fully review Trump’s financials although known

But Habberman, Sam Stein and random jokers from low circulation outlets want to frame it as not being transparent if Biden isn’t chained to them 24/7
Its rent seeking to define transparency in media as only their media

When we have seen very tough and hard hitting questions come from local press.

God forbade regions of the country with press that look like America get some quality time w/ ppl who will represent them
People got mad when President Obama stopped by to talk to Ellen

But if 65% of -‘Americans get news from social media and sources other than news outlets - politicians will indeed need to meet people where they are
This gatekeeping has the “unintended” consequences of white washing news

National media frankly isn’t as diverse as America

Local outlets tend to be where the rainbow of ideas/viewpoint lives

Do you think its really pressing to ask Biden to denounce violence for 1,000thx
In 2016 it was rare to hear a question about k-12 education.

12 million people have lost their healthcare since the pandemic

Flint still doesn’t have drinking water

Puerto Rico still doesn’t have consistent power

Go local and raise the question
i guess I did have a few thoughts fit for consumption today.

I see a lot of media and ad buys. I hope that same focus is spent with the penny-savers, morning shows, Noticias, Desi blogs, and get the money into the communities
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