Prakash Singh Badal after his release from Jail. I feel that current SAD is quick to jump to take credits for everything ‘Akali’ which is not true. Studying Akali movements from past 100yrs gives one a fair idea that Badal SAD is a relatively new emergent.
This said they are not ‘useless’ as deemed by vast majority. The era of corruptions & money laundering along with other non panthic activities has seen SAD deviate from what was once original authentic & respected Akali party tributary.
This is a huge file that talks about secret meetings, letters of Akalis to Congress, British & letters from them. It includes many controversial letters of MK Gandhi that I will share in another post on man’s birthday.

These files gives us perspective that Akalis deserve respect
For example this letter highlights the period which started a movement to get the keys of Golden temple. The movement was largely peaceful & access to the very first document tells us that around 62 Akalis were arrested even when no plans of morcha were in place.
It was the period when Akalis didn’t even allow the police to step inside the Akal Takht Sahib because it was held that non amritdhari won’t be allowed to enter the Takht Sahib. They guarded the doors & then courted arrests.

The big question is.
Is that current Akalis legacy?
The answer is NO. The current form of SAD is not the Akali Dal that existed during the time of Morchas. Akali Dal Prakash Singh was UAD (United Akali Dal) ofwhich even Amrinder Singh was a part. Akali splits during 80s created new parties led by stalwarts each claiming legacy.
Prakash Singh Badal always struggled to bring everyone under one banner of Akali Dal But it never really happened. This interview is from the day he came out of prison. He had hopes of uniting Akalis.
Prakash Singh Badal a stalwart that he is was totally leading the fight even on day one of his release & held congress led Delhi responsible for mistrust between Punjab & centre.
Badal’s views on Khalistan never changed & basis of SAD was that it will always push for interest of Punjab instead of Khalistan demand. This among many other reasons was the reason for its split with other dissenters. This is also a reason for its strong ties with centre
This said Akalis have always been at the forefront of any protest against injustices to Punjab. The tussle Of Akalis with centre is best understood by none other than congress. I don’t even call the current tussle of SAD as a major one but it is historically interesting.
This said, I strongly believe that no one understands Akali thought more than congress think tank & they will make every effort to jeopardise the farmer agitations in one or other way. Misinformation needs to be checked & also undue credit by Akalis about history needs to stop.
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