RWBY Characters But They're Among Us Headcanons

-A necessary thread
-yang fucking sucks as imposter and is always found out during the first round
-weiss gets their tasks done the quickest whenever theyre crewmate and scold the others for not being quick enough
-nora uses the flamingo hat
-ren likes the leaf hat and almost always uses it
-ruby always gets the wires task but rlly likes doing it for some reason
-why is penny so good at being imposter what the fuck
-oscar and ruby are usually the ones to point out that someone is sus without enough proof
-weiss is always the one to try and keep the peace during discussions
-jaune is always voted out if no one seems sus
-yang almost always uses the toilet paper hat
-weiss and ren know the stages by heart, yang does too
-whenever ruby is the imposter she hides in the vents a lot
-whenever ren is imposter literally no one sees them for the whole game and whenever they do its 1 second before they end up dying
-yang calls emergency meetings just to say puns and ends up getting kicked from the game
-ren and nora have a friendly rivalry in among us games
-they usually like playing on polus because its cool and i agree
-whenever blake is imposter she usually saves her teammates for last , same with ruby
-nora gets really heated in discussions and shes rlly fun to play with because nora is cool ! ! !
end of thread <3
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