BREAKING (Day 3) - Heavy fighting has continued along the entire NKR-Azerbaijan border through the night. The Armenian MoD reports that Azerbaijan have resumed with large-scale offensive ops & that they have attacked Vardenis — an Armenian town outside of NKR.
Video released by the Azerbaijani MoD shows some of the fighting that has taken place tonight
The press service for Azerbaijan MoD claims that Armenia has been shelling Dashkesan from within Armenian territory. Armenia has denied these claims
BREAKING - The Armenian Govt is claiming that a civilian bus in Vardenis has been hit by a Azerbaijani drone strike
Armenia MoD claims that Vardenis is under a "strong" artillery attack. This would be an escalation as Vardenis is Armenian territory outside of NKR

[Btw, the reported deone strike caused no casualties]
New video released by the Armenian MoD shows Azerbaijani military targets being hit
BREAKING: The number of Azerbaijani civilians killed since the start of the fighting has risen to 10, 30+ injuries
This is why it is so hard to now what is really happening.
Azerbaijan MoD says that "Units of the Armenian army tried to attack Azeri positions from the direction of the 'occupied' village of Ashagi Veysalli in Füzuli region. This attempts was thwarted & the enemy was forced to retreat. Multiple Armenian soldiers have been killed"
The press secretary of the Armenian MoD is yet again reporting that Azerbaijan is using TOS-1A MLRS systems & BM-30 Smerch.
BREAKING: At least one civilian in Vardenis has been killed as a result of shelling by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces -- Armenian Foreign Ministry.
The Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs is accusing Armenia of commiting war crimes.
BREAKING❗️ - The Armenian Ambassador to Russia says that "Armenia has not yet requested help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), but all options are now being discussed"
Rumours are spreading that an "unknown aircraft" has been shot down by Iran's Air Defense over East Azerbaijan Province. Will update.
❗️Iranian telegram channels are sharing this picture claiming that it's from the "unknown aircraft" being shot down❗️
Footage released by Azerbaijan MoD shows a kamikaze drone in action.
In this video the white smoke looks like a Parachute 🤷‍♂️
People lining up for blood donations in Baku.
UPDATE - Heavy battles continue along the NKR-Azerbaijan border. Unconfirmed reports of dozens of casualties on both sides
Chief of the Azerbaijan MoD Press service says that: - "As a result of the Azerbaijani Army's combat operation, Col. Artyom Pogosyan, Commander of the 9th Regiment of the 18th Motorized Rifle Division of the Armenian Army, was seriously wounded"
BREAKING - "Turkey considers attacks on Azerbaijani territory as attacks on Turkey", the deputy leader of Turkey's ruling AKP party says (RIA)
Azerbaijan MoD: As a result of a large-scale Azerbaijani Army military operation, the regiment of the Armenian army in Madagiz was completely demoralized, and agony began. The personnel are in a panic.
Video of an Azerbaijani drone being shot down by Armenian forces
BREAKING - Iranian state medie confirms that a UAV has been shot down over eastern Azerbaijan province
NEW: Reported video of an Azerbaijani Armed Forces helicopter being shot down by Armenian forces.
BREAKING - Armenian media is reporting that Azerbaijan has shelled the capital of Artsakh, Stepanakert.

[Pictures of reported damage]
BREAKING: "According to our intelligence, the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) covering the airspace of Armenia have been removed from combat duty and are moving towards the occupied territories (Nagorno-Karabkh). They will be destroyed as soon as they enter" -- AZMoD
Armenia's representative in the CSTO says that "there is a possible threat to the territorial integrity of the republic" ( @Liveuamap)
BREAKING - Heavy artillery battles are going on in the direction of Martakert. Azerbaijan are striking Armenian strongholds, Azerbaijani media reports
❗️Up-close video from the Armenian frontline❗️
There are currently no peace talks between Armenia & Azerbaijan. This war will definitely last longer than the 2016 April war, which only lasted for 3 days.
AzMoD has released a new video showing a drone strike towards Armenian tanks.
More AzMoD released footage of artillery being fired at Armenian positions in Nagorno-Karabakh
BREAKING - Armenian telegram channels are reporting that the Armenian & Azerbaijani ambassadors to Russia are at a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry building
JUST IN❗️: Armenian telegram channels are reporting, quoting unofficial sources, that two Turkish UAVs have been shot down near the Armenian village of Norakert

[NOTE: Norakert is not in NKR]
This has NOT been confirmed. Stay sceptical.
IF this is true, pictures and/or videoes will be released. Looking for more info.
Turkish media is now reporting, quoting "security sources", that "300 PKK/YPG militants from Syria arrived in Armenia in July as part of a deal to use them against Azerbaijan at the Karabakh frontline."
To my untrained eye, this looks like an attempt to justfiy Turkish involvement in the war 🤷‍♂️
This was a Azerbaijani UAV.
BREAKING: The Artsakh Defense Army claims that they have destroyed 12 tanks belonging to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces in the last 3 hours

[Video released with statement]
BREAKING NEWS❗️ - A Turkish F-16 fighter jet has shot down a SU-25 of Armenian Air Force: Armenian Defense Ministry
The pilot died heroically - Armenian MoD
Armenian MoD: The Turkish F-16 fighter jet took off from the Azerbaijani city of Ganja. The Su-25 was shot down inside of Armenian airspace
❗️Intense fighting continues along the entire Karabakh-Azerbaijan front - Armenian MoD❗️
Now, was this shot down over NKR or Armenia??
BREAKING❗️ - The Su-25 was reportedly shot down over Vardenis, which is sovereign Armenian territory
BREAKING - The Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it has organized a meeting between the Armenian and Azerbaijani ambassadors. A statement will be released later.
BREAKING - As expected, Turkey and Azerbaijan has denied the Armenian claim of a Turkish F-16 shooting down a SU-25.
Armenia MoD has released a new video showing Azerbaijani targets being fired upon.
Local source denies these reports. In addition, no footage or ArMoD claims have been relased.
UPDATE: Azerbaijani media is reporting that Armenia is shelling Tartar. One civilian has been killed — The number of Azerbaijani civilians killed so far reaches 13
Helmet footage shows Armenian soldiers in trenches being under Azerbaijani fire.
The president of Azerbaijan says that "Turkey does not participate in the Karabakh conflict", claiming that "Turkey only provides moral support to Azerbaijan"
Armenia claims that Azerbaijan is firing TOS MLRS rockets from civilian areas
The participation of Turkish aircrafts in the conflict in Karabakh is an established fact. The international community must condemn the aggression of Turkey and Azerbaijan - Armenian PM Pashinyan
There are no fighters from Syria in Nagorno-Karabakh - President of Azerbaijan
BREAKING - Armenian PM: The existence of the Armenian people is under threat and Turkey is looking for a reason to invade.
. @ZartonkMedia has released the following page.

Multiple of the dead Armenian soldiers were born in 2002 & 2001.
BREAKING - The President of the Armenian National assembly says that "this war will end with the complete destruction of the Azerbaijani army or at least its entire strike potential"
More reports of Syrian mercenaries in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani forces have failed to achieve military success in Karabakh - Armenian PM
The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh in approximately 20 minutes.
"The dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia has a peaceful solution. Iran, Turkey and Russia can help the two neighbours in the implementation of UN resolutions in order to peacefully resolve their differences", the spokesperson for the Iranian government says
BREAKING - The Deputy Commander of the Artsakh Defense Army says that Azerbaijan has lost 17 tanks, 4 armoured vehicles & 13 drones.
The deputy commander of the Artsakh Defense Army: - "Today the number of killed Azerbaijani military personnel is about 500 people"
Turkish F-16 fighter jet was used in Artsakh airspace today - Artsakh Defense Army.
It is interesting to note that Azerbaijan, to date, has released no military casualty figures. The Armenian numbers are probably overexaggerated but why are you not releasing your numbers, Azerbaijan?
The Deputy Commander of the Artsakh Defense Army also says that the Azerbaijani attacks today has failed and that the Armenian side "has recorded some successes"
The Press secretary of the Armenian MoD 👇
No visual evidence of this incident has been released yet.
BREAKING: 790 Azerbaijani soldiers have been killed so far - Spokesperson for the Armenian MoD
More than 1900 Azerbaijani soldiers have been injured so far - Spokesperson Armenian MoD
BREAKING: 137 tanks/armoured vehicles belonging to the Azerbaijani armed forces have been destroyed so far - Armenian MoD
BREAKING: 72 UAVs, 7 helicopters and 1 plane belonging to the Azerbaijani armed forces has been shot down so far - Armenian MoD
"We also have losses. We will summarize them and inform you in the morning" - Armenian MoD Spokesperson
❗️Summary of Azerbaijani losses claimed by the Armenian MoD❗️

- 72 UAVs
- 7 Helicopters
- 137 tanks/Armored vehicles
- 1 plane
- 790 deaths
- 1900 injuries
BREAKING - The President of the Republic of Artsakh has stated that he will not be asking for a ceasefire ( @Conflicts)
BREAKING❗️ - Armenians in Georgia has reportedly blocked the Turkey-Georgia border. The Armenians are saying that "until the Georgian-Armenian border is opened for them to help Armenia, not a single Turkish truck will enter Georgia"

The border has been closed for 2 hours
"Counter-offensive measures being conducted by the Azerbaijan Army are within the right of self-defense and in full compliance w/ the international #law" - Azerbaijan MoD
100s of protesters have demonstrated outside of the Azerbaijani embassy in Paris today to demand an "end to the Azeri offensive in Nagorno-Karabakh"
Azerbaijan MoD update via ( @cavidaga): - "The positions of the 1st Battalion of the 5th Motorized Infantry Regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces and the 1st Battalion of the 6th Motorized Infantry Regiment located in the direction of Talysh were destroyed."
Reported video of 2 Azerbaijani UAVs being shot down by Armenian forces
BREAKING❗️: The Azerbaijan Press Agency is reporting that a attack carried out by an Azerbaijani kamikaze drone destroyed a shelter where high-ranking Armenian officers were gathered
I am expecting Armenia to deny these reports.
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