My support to @VeraJourova attacked by HU gvt. She said “Mr Orbán likes to say he's building an illiberal democracy, I'd say: he's building an ill democracy.” and indeed he's purposefully undermining #RuleOfLaw, weakening the country’s immune system to reduce fight vs corruption.
Also agree with her statements on the scarcity of gvt criticism in HU media making it difficult for ppl to form an opinion. Orbán purposefully isolates ppl from real information who then must resist propaganda and find balanced information in the remaining independent media.
These statements are more than VP @VeraJourova’s own views. They echo @Europarl_EN’s decision to launch #Article7, @EPP’s decision to suspend Fidesz, the recent words of @donaldtusk and many others. Making this a crusade vs. VP Jourova makes no sense. The issue here is #Orbán
"The statements are in contradiction with the EC's role as a neutral & objective institution" - says the gvt. As guardian of treaties, incl. Art 2 enshrining our EU values, it's the EC's duty to speak up if a gvt tramples these. Neutrality & objectivity don't mean staying silent!
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