This is gonna be a long thread. It baffles me everyday, how we live in a "progressive" "modernized" society, but trans lives being ignored and left to take care for themself in a environment that makes it almost impossible for them to sustain something you can barely call a life.
How can we call ourselves modern or progressive, if our leaders of our society just look away, when we are being murdered, when the system fails to integrate us into society and live to the same standards as every cis person is able to? #TransRightsAreHumanRights
Alone the absurd fact, that there are people out there who contemplate and debate the existence of trans ppl, actual human lives. Has history never taught them anything? Why are ppl doing this? Why is it a debate, if we should gain visibility and a place in society? #transrights
It's so wrong how society thinks it's being progressive, when in reality you are looking away, when we struggle, hurt, cry, getting harrassed, murdered, driven to suicide. We want the same fair chance at life as cis ppl do, but you throw more obstacles our way. #TransLivesMatter
Why are the costs of surgeries to help trans ppl live their life as their true identity, so expensive? This is a legit question to ask, how come something so beneficial to their life has to be so unattainable for many ppl? Not only trans ppl but for their families and allies too.
Many young individuals who can't even afford a house or a car or other important things yet in life, happen to be trans, but they have to live their life in misery and being beat up, hurt, murdered, because society fails to provide them better options and better help.
Why are we being ignored for so long? When do ppl speak up on these topics? Are you not joining, because we make you feel uncomfortable? Is it because it doesn't affect you? We are still humans and we deserve a life that can be fulfilling and rewarding too. We deserve happiness.
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