How to make human life a multi planetary species (in my opinion) a thread:
With the rise of climate change and denigration of Earth lately the need of multi planetary life becomes more and more relevant
I think that space travel and the innovations at @SpaceX are great but I ultimately think that biology could be a limiting factor for our journey
Brains and neurons fundamentally function by firing (turning on and off) at near light speed, computers...(see Moore’s law) could theoretically handle this computational load.
This is where companies like @neuralink come into play if we can digitize the human brain/“soul” and combine it with some of the most advanced robotics (ie. work from @BostonDynamics) and advanced AI capabilties (ie. @OpenAI )
then we could theoretically create a silicon based lifeform bound only by technological constraints, thus allowing us to then explore the depths of space without the constraints of biological life
Think about humans, digitized into AI-aided robots flying through space to the next available planet without any need for food/water, etc. this seems to be the most logical way to make human life multi-planetary
If you made it to the end of this thread first thank you and also lmk what you think 😂🙏🏼
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