It‘s no coincidence if the people who ”do not believe” in #COVID19 also doubt #ClimateChangeIsReal. Both #ConspiracyTheories reject the truth to serve the interests of the few. In Merchants of Doubt, Oreskes & Conway trace the origins of many such theories (1/8). #ClimateCrisis
Research on #CO2 and #climate has been going on for 150 years. Scientists knew from the early 1900s that #carbon release could alter the climate, and started warning decision-makers about the problem from the 1960s. Yet, there was close to no #ClimateAction . Why? (2/8).
Because the scientific community faced a deliberate, organised effort to prevent #ClimateAction . Let us name and shame those who are (ir)responsible: Bill Nierenberg, Fred Seitz, Fred Singer, Tom Schelling, William Nordhaus. #FightClimateInjustice #ClimateChangeHoax (3/8)
First, economists minimised the problem. The #FreeMarket will solve it, they said — we know were this led us. Humanity adapted to changes in climate before, they said — ignoring both the immense suffering involved and the unprecedented scale of *this* #ClimateChange. (4/8).
Finally, a concerted, systematic effort was made to cast doubt on climate science, and in particular on @IPCC_CH #ClimateModelling. The objective was to make it appear as if there was doubts where there was none — and it worked. #ClimateChangeIsReal #ClimateChangeHoax (6/8).
The mass media became complicit of such discourses. For years, #climatechange was portrayed as a controversy amongst scientists — which it never was. Today, media silence perpetuates the lack of awareness about the #ClimateCrisis . (7/8). @EndClimtSilence
Reviewed text: Naomi Oreskes & Erik M. Conway, Merchants of Doubt, How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming, 2010. (8/8) #FightClimateInjustice #FightEveryCrises #DefendTheDefenders #AfricaIsNotADumpster #ClimateCollapse
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