This is special lesson for those who call themselves Hindu and then abuse women here.

Read these Points carefully

(Devi Bhagwat 9.1)

ALL WOMEN ARE PART OF DEVI, Insulting ANY woman is insult of Devi Prakriti herself.

So DO NOT insult them

Next point -
Even Bad women, scurrilous, cheats, ruining their families, fond of their own free ways, quarrelsome, prostitutes in this world and Apsarās in the Heavens.

All are from Tamas Ansh of Prakriti

They ALL are Respected in Bharat. Even bad ones. So stop Insulting
If you don't like someone, Ignore them, if situation comes where you have to defend yourself do it, those who are doing bad things will face their Karma.

Why you have to insult and abuse them? That too in name of Hinduism?
This is Devi Bhagwat Puran, Now please don't cancel our scriptures just because they don't agree with you.

Hindi Translation is By Geeta Press.

Am a bit busy today so I will take questions regarding this thread later, if any DM me. Thank you
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