Writing a small thread bcoz of an epiphany..if you disagree with what i am writing in this thread than plz feel free to put your pov respectfully..So here it goes..++ #SidNaaz
Have u guys ever wondered that for celebs social media is a part of their professional life more than personal?..For someone who is like an open book the boundary b/w personal and professional in terms of what they post on sm is really bleak++ #SidNaaz
But for someone who is thoroughly professional and really likes to keep his/her life under the wraps social media is a professional platform to keep their presence intact b/w the masses..coming to Sidharth..since the onset of his ig id or even his twitter acc he++ #SidNaaz
He has never put a photo up with his family (or may be just 1 of it)..makes sense bcoz he wants to keep his personal life (his family) and professional life(sm) separate... #SidNaaz++
Despite of being as private as he is he still did post a photo with sana their video of first live etc..but question yourself here on one hand we do beleive that he considera sana as his family (meaning his personal life) and on other hand we expect him to post abt it #SidNaaz ++
If the guy rarely posts anything with his mother or his sisters just bcoz he wants to keep his personal life away from his professional space i.e sm why will he post anything frequently with sana? #SidNaaz++
Whatever there bond is one thing we all agree that they are close right. it is clear that sana is part of his personal life be it in whatever capacity..why would he put this personal equation on any professional platform..wouldnt that be violation of his own principles?? #SidNaaz
The guy has never posted a photo with his best friend what do u think is the reason behind it..it is just him keeping things separate..does it mean he doesnt care..well if that was the case than is sana so naive that she will be with someone who doesnt reciprocates ?? #SidNaaz
Sana has said since the very beginning that she wants someone who gives her attention who cares for her who accepts her..we dont know what their status is but we should atleast know that sana is not a kid to stick with someone who doesnt give her all this #SidNaaz
If sana doesnt have a problem with him not posting about them on sm and she evidently doesnt else she would have stopped posting about it as well..than who are we to question...they both have accepted each other the way they are and let each other be..high time we accept them ++
High time we accept them the way they are as well...just only request is that have equal expectations from both if u want to have..just bcoz sana posts doesnt mean that you put the entire burden of expectation on her..we have never complained to sid about not using sidnaaz but++
But with sana lets be honest not only in comments but separately on dms snapchat etc ppl have time and again asked her to acknowledge sidnaaz..i am not sayig she doesnt like it..all i am saying is that we shouldnt do it to the extent that she feels obliged to put sidnaaz++
It is completely possible that she is putting all the sidnaaz photos and all in her stories as an obligation to the expectation we have shown her time and again..Lets just ensure that 1.we don’t expect and 2.if we do than it is equally to both and not just one #SidNaaz
@DilDiyaGallan @NaazAish_ @GadhaMazdoori @ghantafadak @bonelikeashes tagging you guys for 1.i respect your povs and look forward to it 2.better reach in general 🙈
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