"Talmudic Judaism" (this is an invention) is a topic that confuses people. Brief thread to explain.
We learn that in the times of Mashiach, we will have to discern between good and bad "shepherds" - basically these are rabbis.
In the Torah there is no such thing as a king and there is no such thing as an ordained rabbi.
The Torah consists of

--the Written Law (5 books of the Bible + Prophets + "Ketuvim" which means Writings) and

--the Oral Law (Mishna + Gemara)

--The Mishna is the codification of the Oral Law transmitted by Moses to the elders at Sinai.

--The Gemara is the discussion of the Mishna.

The writing occurred so it wouldn't be lost.
There are two Talmuds because the Jews were exiled to Babylonia (Iraq) and study diverged into two different schools. However most consider the Babylonian Talmud the "authoritative" one because it was the "dominant" center of study at the time. https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/tale-of-two-talmuds/
The Talmud is at the heart of Judaism. It is impossible to derive law from the Bible without it. For example when the Bible speaks of capital punishment, like "stoning," we rely on rabbinic discussion and principle to interpret and apply it.
There was a group of Jews called the Karaites who rejected the Talmud. They are not normative.
There is another layer of understanding to Jewish law, and that is the one offered by mysticism, or the Kabbalah ("received") -- also spelled Cabala. This was hidden knowledge until the 1200s. http://talkreason.org/articles/zohar.cfm
The Kabbalah was meant to illuminate the holiness behind the Torah (for example gender distinctions) but bad people got hold of it.
In the 1600s one of these bad men, Sabbatai Zevi, gained massive acceptance among Jews as the messiah. He was a New Agey type and promoted the Kabbalah in all sorts of weird ways.

Trashed the Talmud and the authority of the Rabbis.

His successor Jacob Frank did same.
In fact the Sabbatians/Frankists delighted in shaming the rabbis. They waged war on them. And the rabbis excommunicated them multiple times. A bad situation.
I bring this forward because as Rabbi Antelman points out, the Sabbatians/Illuminati waged war on religion - which means Talmud as the seat of Jewish legal knowledge.
The intent was to be so bad that God had to save the world.

They had to kill Judaism. So they developed "inclusive options," Reform and Conservative Judaism, which denied God's hand in creating the Torah.
"Orthodox" became a weird and extremist label during the "Haskalah" ("enlightenment" - light - Lucifer)

The observant dwindled especially with the Holocaust. The yeshivas of Europe were decimated.
Fast forward. Chabad Lubavitch becomes the only thriving massive worldwide network of observant Jews, who practice authentic Judaism including following what it says in the Talmud and including being informed by Kabbalah.
(Note: After the Sabbatean debacle the rabbis declared that only a Jewish man age 40+ may study Kabbalah; the founder of Hasidism/Chabad declared it necessary for Jewish survival.)
Anyway. Starting roughly in the late 1990s Jewish journalists and activists began to call attention to rabbinic abuse of power -- pedos and the communities which enable them. Here is a good reference book. https://www.amazon.com/Sexual-Shonda-Concealment-Orthodox-Communities/dp/0786471255
This time period coincides with the religious community retreating from "Modern Orthodoxy" (combining secular excellence and Jewish observance) and embracing fundamentalism -- privileging a caste called "the rabbis." (See Sam Heilman's "The World of the Yeshiva.")
So we Jews are caught.

On the one hand we have fake Judaism. Not just fake but Satanic, even if its practitioners do not know it. (If you oppose God that's you.)

On the other we have fake rabbis who know the law and act kosher, who seem religious, but are evil and fake.
Just some background information.
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