If you ever wondered what it was like in Nazi Germany before Hitler assumed full power & control, wonder no more. We see it happening all around us today. Clues & hints of what's to come are all around us, but people don't want to believe it's true, so they don't.
People bleat about the injustice of wearing masks to stop a lethal virus, thinking that they're fighting against 'oppression' while ignoring the laws of surveillance and military control being pushed through behind their backs.
People rant and rave about "dole bludgers" taking their money while ignoring politicians stealing $billions from right under their noses. It's so much easier to kick the vulnerable while they're down than to fight someone with real power. #auspol
Know who your real enemy is, Australia.
If you're finding #LockDown impossible to bear, you'd better harden up, coz you ain't seen nothing yet. Wait til the fed gov flood our cities with ADF then cut off all social services & send you to work in Gina's uranium mines.
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