hello !! here are some enhypen/iland questions for ü and if u see this thread please answer with the roty’s @ uwu thank u so much 🥺
whose ur bias on iland? @ENHYPEN_members
whose ur bias in enhypen? @ENHYPEN_members
when did u stan enhypen? @ENHYPEN_members
will u buy the debut album? @ENHYPEN_members
can we all agree that roty = @ENHYPEN_members?
what’s ur bet on what should be enhypen’s fandom color? @ENHYPEN_members
will u still call urself an eggie even though we’ll already have a fandome name next week? @ENHYPEN_members
who do u miss the most @ iland? @ENHYPEN_members
what’s ur favorite episode on iland? @ENHYPEN_members
what’s ur favorite song (it can be a unit song) on iland? @ENHYPEN_members
do u have a lot of eggie moots or a lot of en- moots? @ENHYPEN_members
what’s ur favorite memory here on stan twt? @ENHYPEN_members
are u also hoping that ot23 will have a reunion? @ENHYPEN_members
who do u think would cry when they‘ll have their first win? @ENHYPEN_members
who do u think will spoil us with hints the most when the comeback is near? @ENHYPEN_members
are u excited for the roty’s debut? @ENHYPEN_members
not a question but i hope you’ll have a great day ahead! if u have onl classes, fighting! u can do iiit! do it for enhypen uwu thanks for those who answered this thread !! all for @ENHYPEN_members ✊🏻❤️
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