What is Q

Q is a plan that originated in its beginning in 1963. Knowing the several thousand year old Cabal/illuminati/Deep State was at the peak to completing agenda 2030 (NWO) which would have destroyed the constitution, leaving us in a communist state...
With no rights or freedom of speech, for anyone who stepped out of line would be disciplined or re-educated. One leader, one world government. As there will be no middle class, it'll be a select few elite get vastly wealthy off the slave labor of...
99% of the rest of us. Re-education would be put upon the public stripping us of free thinking through indoctrination. On 11/22/63 was the breaking point for the white hats knowing the vast power of the enemy was almost beyond defeat. The assasination of JFK
Is a CRITICAL moment in history, that created the conflict we are currently facing. So with (certain) family members, the white hats within the CIA/NSA created a legal plan to fight back using the judicial system as per our constitution. Many of [their] deeds
Were allowed to happen only so we can use it against them in their endgame (Patriot act/fisa) for the white hats have been building evidence for decades. The only thing that was missing was the right leader to help the intelligence agencies and the military..
to carry out such a plan. The 16 year plan to destroy America would have been completed by both terms of BHO & HRC so white hats knew they had to act fast. So they had to wait for the Right leader (Trump) as the importance of 2016 cannot be underestimated..
So with the military and white hats informed Trump and asked him to run for POTUS. The Patriot Trump is, accepted. With the most important fight in world's history for the last Sovereign Nation, Trump had to go all in and win the people. But that's not enough
They needed an outlet to inform the public on current events by passing the media on what is really going on so that is why we have Q. Q is the media for those who seek truth beyond the propaganda and a way to fight back as digital soldiers. With the arrival
of Q, the "Thought" of the plan, became "The Plan" since now white hats/military intelligence has a way to connect to Patriots directly. Now Patriots have a source of information beyond the MSM to fight the evil cabal who enslaved us for centuries.
The World is about to change, but never forget where it all started.

R.I.P. Mr President
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