Okay, I feel this needs to be said. Both sides (Trump supporters and Biden supporters) get caught up in name calling each other and sometimes, unfortunately, it leads to harassing each other and even resorting to violence. Now listen, there's no excuse for any of it okay?
It's up to us who we wanna vote for. We vote for who we feel is best for the country. Neither candidate is perfect or even great for that matter but how we choose is choosing the lesser of the 2 evils. In my personal opinion, that's Joe Biden.
Even though it's hard, we all need to respect each other for our choice of vote. Of course which ever way it goes, there's gonna be consequences. Every choice has consequences. Me putting this thread out is gonna have a consequence. It's gonna be probably a mix of good and bad
responses but I can handle it. As much as many of us despise Trump, we can't blame his supporters for not seeing the truth. They're blind to it. Some don't know the truth. The ones who are willingly ignorant are the ones we should be worried about but don't harass them.
Have a civil discussion with them. Ask them why they would support this man knowing all he is and what he's done. Harassing and name calling and even resorting to violence is wrong and just represents us badly. I don't know what else to say, just do better. Be adult.
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