[The man is Brad Parscale, Trump's digital campaign manager, who's long advocated for cops to abuse citizens more freely – because he (wrongly) assumed the Government would never turn that abuse on him] https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1310713646192955393
The love of police brutality is strongly bipartisan https://twitter.com/deadzaroc/status/1310715924740149248
"The facts" are this was excessive force by police, who routinely make things worse when responding to mental health calls

Had Brad Parscale been black, he'd likely have been shot. Instead he just got needlessly tackled to the ground mid-conversation. On camera. https://twitter.com/lorioverthemoon/status/1310729593981145096
"It's the cops' *job* to use excessive force and brutalize citizens for sport" is certainly a take https://twitter.com/drjamesbmd/status/1310731174591868928
"This is the model"? 😂

F*ckin' yikes https://twitter.com/drjamesbmd/status/1310732159670386688
Sure: "Turn around and place your hands behind your back."

It's quite easy really https://twitter.com/drjamesbmd/status/1310733097340600320
I struggle to understand how some of you are capable of autonomous breathing
💯 https://twitter.com/lawconflicts/status/1310738185442545665
What if a meteor nuked Fort Lauderdale mid-conversation?

What if a unicorn came prancing down the street and gored an officer before they could react? https://twitter.com/drjamesbmd/status/1310737928306393088
What "self defense"? https://twitter.com/drjamesbmd/status/1310738582223478784
Basically. This one's dumber than baseline https://twitter.com/apark2453/status/1310739384044404736
So what you're saying is they could have resolved the situation without violence, since they had already been there for an hour doing exactly that

You're illustrating my point https://twitter.com/nycbubbles/status/1310743095676416002
Oh don't feel bad for him, he's long-deserved to catch a beating

Just not by the Government https://twitter.com/paulyouk/status/1310760850584674304
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