I DID IT!!! I quilted my first ever design and she's a beaut 😍

2-4) The project
5-7) Grandma appreciation #HeritageMinute
8-11) STEAM thoughts

(detail pics throughout đŸ‘‡đŸŒ)
2/ The Project:
A friend left her uke at mine because she didn't have a great way to transport it. To reduce my pre-school stresses, I researched, brainstormed, scavenged, and settled on a design.

Note: At this point, I thought I could make this in maybe 3-5 days. I was wrong.
3/ I wanted to make a wearable soft case that could be washed (so no paper products), had removable handle & satchel/backpack straps. The neck needed to be supported with some storage space.

If I did it again, I would have changed the assembly order to do that better. Alas!
4/ In essence, quilting is making a sandwich. The bread is the fabric, the batting (aka fluffy stuffing), and the tread is the staples you didn't know were in your sandwich.

Catproofing was an ongoing issue. He "helped" regularly by adding to the batting.
5/ #HeritageMinute
For my grandmother, quilting wasn't just part of her social schedule, it was her community. She participated in weekly groups where they donate their time & materials to work together. They would share tea, coffee, squares, cookies & more importantly, stories.
6/ She taught me so much. She was not perfect. She was humble and stubborn. She cared for everyone under her roof. She always had a few tins of cookies ready for any/all surprises brought home under her roof. She hoarded donated fabric to make rugs to sell 100% for charities.
7/ She loved with her time above all else. She served others, never quite ready to step into a fight uninvited. She was beautiful, bright, and missed. I still have lots to learn to be as great as her. We were different and so much the same! I love her.
8/ Iron I have: ring + thimble
Iron I don't: clothing + throne + e

STEAM Connections:
-Material Sci (laminate, hardening/planar dislocations)
- Procedural and affect on tolerances
-Distribution of length of my stitches vs machine (isn't that a lit topic too?)
-Design process
9/ To make the clips, I went with some scavenged backpack clips (sanded & refinished) and repurposed wire. My heavyweight machine did double duty when I was soldering #SafetyLightsAreForDudes

Elements of art incorp with different perty textures https://twitter.com/RonnieChinnick/status/1304876639160078336?s=19
10/ And in SO many ways, this this this!!! đŸ‘‡đŸŒ https://twitter.com/sciencebanshee/status/1143985771835265025?s=19
11/ Controversial opinion:
Stabbing yourself with a pin right under a fingernail is worse than stepping on LEGO.

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