@ElonMusk getting the cult onboard as SpaceX access to $16B in govt RDOF funding is at risk. The funding fits Elon's approach perfectly. Tim Farrer @TMFAssociates identifies the fraud opportunity "But as I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, bidders are not required to actually https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1310672832783884290
provide service to any specific number of customers at all in order to receive the RDOF funding, and instead are simply expected to use the funding to subsidize their buildout and make it available. So SpaceX could then take the FCC’s money, never provide service to a single
customer that the money was meant to help, and reallocate its capacity to serve other users like the DoD anywhere within the country or even the rest of the world." http://tmfassociates.com/blog/category/operators/spacex/ $TSLAQ
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