I’ve been watching the “The Vow” on HBO, it’s about a cult called NVIXM. Their leader determined the parameters of their reality and used news organization and team of lawyers discredit any negative info about them. Stop me now if this sounds familiar. -a thread
NVIXM indoctrinated people into believing that they were a force for good. Thy used tactics such as character assassination, civil suits, using criminal records, sexual history and victim blaming to distract others from leaving or speaking ill of the organization.
Knive Media via NVIXM coined the term “fakes news” and blamed mainstream news with distorting the facts, which allowed them to cover up any wrong doing for decades.
If you don’t know the about the term “magical thinking” look it up. It commonly is linked to “The Power of Positive Thinking”. As if it were a miracle, the coronavirus will just disappear and we’ll all be better and 200,000 dead Americans will just be an after thought.
You want to know why things are so fucked up.. Money! Lawsuits destroyed a woman’s life, kept law enforcement away and the media was afraid to take on the story due to a lack of evidence. It wasn’t news worthy until MeToo happened. https://bit.ly/2S6Hh7l 
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