HEY: Trump is coming to Wisconsin *again* on Sat for in-person rallies in COVID hotspots. His visit is after the final end-of-quarter fundraising deadline of this cycle. Let's make Trump’s visit backfire. We beat him here, he loses the White House. Chip in: https://wisdems.org/deadline 
Trump’s deputy campaign manager said: “Wisconsin is the state that's going to tip this one way or the other. We're going to win Wisconsin and win the election or lose Wisconsin and lose the election.”

Friends, you heard the man. Let’s make Trump lose here.
The fact is, Trump *is* losing. And he’s scared. Trump’s response? Threats, scams, and denial.

Wisconsin’s coronavirus case counts are spiking, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. So he keeps coming back here, and it keeps failing to help his case.
Wisconsinites get, at an intuitive level, that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris actually care about them far more than Trump ever will. They know that Biden and Harris can see and feel their pain, and that they aren’t just in it for themselves.
Every new revelation about Trump’s character—that he only paid $750 in taxes, that he regards the self-sacrifice of our troops with scorn, confusion, and contempt—just drives home the essential character flaw that has led to 200,000 deaths. That he’s only in it for himself.
Wisconsin plants are closing. Trump’s trade wars have left wounds that are still open. Suicides are up. Dairy herds have been sold, barn doors closed for good.

In cities, in suburbs, in rural Wisconsin, communities have been ripped apart. Trump is fueling the chaos.
Trump has had four years to help Americans. Instead, he’s driven the economy off a cliff and he refuses to sit down with Congress to negotiate a critical relief bill that would provide economic aid for working families.
The road to the White House runs through Wisconsin.

That’s why this deadline is SO important - it ensures that our team has the resources to organize and get out the vote in these final 36 days. https://wisdems.org/deadline 
Chip in before Wednesday’s end of quarter deadline so we can hold Trump accountable.
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