This is an incredible investigative piece by British Broadcasting company Channel 4 News about the voter suppression tactics deployed by Cambridge Analytica on the @Facebook platform. Financed by the Mercer’s and coordinated by Steve Bannon Brad @parscale with the Trump campaign.
The “Deterrence Algorithm” they deployed was used to disenfranchise voters by discouraging them from voting in their own interests. Cambridge and the Trump campaign knew they would not vote for Trump, so they targeted these voters so they would not vote for Hillary Clinton. /2
And these same tactics are being deployed today in other forms across various social media platforms. Many of the Bernie surrogates have targeted this same block of voters and they encourage them to not vote or to vote 3rd party again to the detriment of the voting block. /3
@briebriejoy, @ProudSocialist, @Kthalps, @ryangrim, @krystalball, @ggreenwald, and many other Bernie surrogates have actively discouraged Bernie supporters from getting behind the Biden campaign under the guise that there is no benefit for the voter in doing so. /4
They have framed support of Biden as the flip side of a fascist coin and in some cases have encouraged the Biden supporters to entertain candidates that have no shot of winning, or worse yet to vote for candidates that receive dark money support from the @GOP and foreign... /5
...agitators and foreign governments. Many promoted @DrJillStein and the phony Green Party in 2016. And even worse many of this same group of surrogates promoted a fake rape smear campaign against @JoeBiden in the 2020 Democratic Primary. /6
When Bernie gave a passionate speech last week about the existential threat that Trump poses to our democracy none of them amplified his message or even mentioned it, not even Bernie’s former campaign spokeswoman @briebriejoy. Voter suppression comes in many forms and is... /7
...hard to trace the motivation of the surrogates with so much dark money flowing through our elections.
There is nothing wrong with having personal convictions about policy. @marwilliamson is an example of someone who has not compromised her policy positions but recognizes.../8
...the threat to our way of life that four more years of Trump will do to this country. MfA, college assistances and loan forgiveness, entitlement programs, and our free and fair electoral process will vanish if Trump and his corrupt administration get another 4 year term. /9
The choice is clear even if others tell you it’s not. We can reset our country and restore a sense of decency to the White House. You can vote for a Progressive trajectory, or you can enable even more unimaginable attacks on our civil liberties and unbridled cruelty on our... /10
...marginalized people. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris May not give you everything you’re looking for in a candidate, but they will keep you squarely on a trajectory to a Progressive future where the candidates of 2022 and 2024 will be able to make their voices heard. /11
2020 is not the year for a 3rd party protest vote and it’s not the year to sit out of the election. There is only one choice for president and vice president, and that choice is: #BidenHarris2020
/12 /end

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