The GOP, with key help from Cambridge Analytica and Vladimir Putin, specifically fought to keep Black Americans from voting for Clinton and used frighteningly precise targeting without the consent of these victimized U.S. citizens.
The perpetrators used Facebook's ability to target voter with "dark ads" which would then disappear. Other social media platforms were used as well.

All to keep voters from turning out for Hillary Clinton.
Remember how polling in Georgia was making it look like Clinton could possibly (!) take the state in 2016?

Black voters there became a main target of suppression.
Over half of the millions marked to be targeted with voter deterrence were Americans of color. 🤬
Question: Did Paul Manafort give Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik this data?
HERE'S WHERE TRUMP AND RUSSIA FAILED: Channel 4 found this American citizen in Wisconsin who was targeted. She says "it makes me want to go out and VOTE MORE, ACTUALLY."

How well did this strategy work for Trump and his Russian owners?

Through Facebook and other platforms, voter turnout fell by a *tectonic* 20% in many targeted wards. 🤬

Trump won Wisconsin by about 20,000 votes.
"Mindboggling...that somebody worked THAT *strategically* disenfranchise you."
P.S. does anyone else from the MSM, especially the tech media, refer to this attack made alongside resources directly from the Russian military as "just like marketing" or "trolling?"

Because those descriptions SEEM INADEQUATE.
Alleged wife batterer and likely perjurer Brad Parscale: "What's a Facebook? Huh? Wha? Where am I?"
Oh, the FBI will have a field day with the syntax analysis of THIS statement:

“I don’t think actually…We didn’t run - not - a campaign - I would say - I believe…um, um, I would say uh nearly 100% percent sure we did not run any campaigns that target even African Americans.”
This answers what many will correctly point out, that campaigns use targeted data regularly. As Jamal Watkins of NAACP indicates - they are trying to encourage participation in democracy - not crush it.

And not with the help of foreign enemies.
Facebook is still holding back data about which ads were used, apparently.

P.S. For those still not understanding the Russia/Trump/Cambridge Analytica connection, we know the Trump campaign handed internal data to Russian intelligence, which targeted voters.

The precise details of the conspiracy are not yet public. The treason is, however, obvious.
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