the present conflict began in 1988, when the armenians demanded karabakh to be transferred from soviet azerbaijan to soviet armenia. nagorno karabakh is recognized part of azerbaijan. you can also see in the world map or you can simply check un security council's resolution
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since 1988 armenia always attacked our lands and one of the worsts was khojaly massacre which happened in february 26, 1992. please read the 1st pic to get information about it
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i would like to include the video and pics taken by chingiz mustafayev but i know it'll hurt people seeing all the little kids' bodies lying on the ground, all tortured, all helpless. so i'm leaving the video if you wanna see
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khojaly tragedy still hurts us but it isn't the only thing they have done to us. in 2017 the 2 year old toddler zahra was killed in an armenian shelling while playing in the yard of their house. her grandma also lost her life during this attack
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and about recent things. 3 days ago they attacked us again killing not only our soldiers but also civilians. shahriyar and fidan were just 13&14 year old kids were killed by armenian army along their parents while sitting in their house in peace
sad fact they aren't the only civilians who got attacked and killed. more than 10 people dead, 26 people got wounded and some people had to left their houses to avoid getting killed. even now they're attacking innocent civilians
i feel like everyone read armenian side of the story which was often twisted. i want to confirm the fact we're just trying to get back what's stolen from us, OUR LANDS. it's been 27 years since our people were forced to leave their homes, they were displaced
it's been 27 years since they lost their beloved families, their everything. it's been 27 years we can't go back to our lands. and we're tired of waiting. we waited for so called peaceful solutions for a long time. but it never worked. we wait and we get killed everyday
i see everyone turning into a blind eye when it's about azerbaijan and karabakh, everyone ignores azerbaijan side of the story but i know everyone actually knows the fact karabakh always was the part of azerbaijan and always will be
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armenians keep attacking terter which is NOT a part of karabakh, just a front district. they targeted the internally displaced persons building for the second time killed 3 civilians (13 in total and two of them were minors)
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