When asked whether Pelosi is using all the “quivers” in her arrow, to stop Trump from replacing RBG, Pelosi implies that she doesn’t think Republicans are going to overturn Roe anyway.
At around 27 min, Kara asks Pelosi why not impeach Barr to stop him. Pelosi basically dismisses it as “a waste of time” bc Barr is merely a “henchman.”
The only intervention Pelosi is willing to countenance is winning the senate. She constantly just pivots to marginalized people and the environment instead of answering the question re why she won’t use her power.
Re her “tiny clap” and tearing up Trumps speech etc, Kara asks “who’s your audience?” What’s the point? She tells Pelosi she’s not a suburban housewife — she’s the most powerful Dem. Why not do more?
Earlier, in a conversation about Covid relief bills, Pelosi criticizes Trump for wanting to just put his name on a check and send it out. Kara asks: what’s wrong with that? People need help? Who cares who gets credit?
“I’m going to ask one more time: what is your power to do this?” Pelosi raises impeachment and Kara asks “why not” do it? Pelosi says the people wants congress to do what affects their lives.

Which begs the question: Does Trump replacing RBG affect our lives or not?
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