Exclusive thread about sending the Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan.

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About 10 days ago, the first Syrian SNA fighters landed in Azerbaijan to take part in planned offensive operations.

Their commanders told them they were signing up for protection contracts of military FOBs and gas facilities.

The wages were hefty by Syria standards. They.2..
..They get a net of 10 to 12000 TL depending on seniority. Meanwhile, their recruiting commanders take a cut of 3000TL, into their pockets and the units coffers.

One of the first units to arrive there was from Faylaq al-Sham. Around 150 men traveled straight from Afrin..3..
..Afrin to the airbase in Adana where they took a flight to Azerbaijan.

The Syrian fighters are allegedly being based in 2 islands in the Caspian Sea for familiarisation with joint military tactics and fire drills. Translators are also being recruited and offered really..4..
..good packages.

Sultan Murad Brigade of the SNA have also opened their own recruitment office. A Turkman is in charge and priority is being given to Turkish-speaking Turkmen in order to keep language barrier to a minimum

Sultan Murad are expected to recruit about 2000..5..
..2000 fighters to send to Azerbaijan within the coming weeks.

A reliable source, who previously delivered on Libya, expects Turkish MIT's Abu Al-Furqan to return and take over the Syria file once more from his current deputy, Abu Said.

The source bases his analysis on..6..
..on the successes of Abu al-Furqan in Libya and his deftly handling of the Syrian involvement there which led to the reversal of Haftar gains in the East.

He concludes that Furqan taking over joint operations of Syrian fighters in Azerbaijan would be expected to yield..7..
..yield the same results in Libya.

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Here's my scoop about sending the Syrian mercenaries to Libya (was one of many):


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