ok here's what i don't get - let's say l*rry is real and el is a beard, do you honestly think l would have a beard for NINE years that he didn't like? no - if that's true they are friends, probably close friends so it's more natural for them to do stuff w each other+
h is prob friends w her too. stop it w the "dogwalker" jokes & bodyshaming & using her racist comments as an your #1 reason to hate on her but then literally saying NOTHING when other incidences of racism occur - i'm not saying this is all of you bc there are certainly l*rries+
who actually are very involved in social justice and are truly good people, however it seems like most of you are using something that was terribly offensive to people to help float the narrative of your ship. i do NOT stan el and am disgusted by what she's done, however i can+
also agree that she deserves a certain level of respect. stop harassing her and making jokes out of her - she had to limit the comments on all her social media and literally stopped using twitter bc of all the hate she received (MOST OF WHICH WAS BEFORE THE WEDDING INCIDENT)+
and tw// ed
as a person who has struggled w anorexia myself, i am TERRIBLY concerned for her mental and physical self right now - i don't have to like her as a person to think she doesn't deserve endless hate. +
like go off and ship l*rry i don't fucking care but stop
a) sending hate to someone that l probably loves a lot whether it's romantic or platonic &
b) stop it w the performative activism (if this doesn't apply to you great ily i'm just sick of ppl's double standards)+
please don't send me hate for this again this was literally a joke account intended to spread positivity and y'all were hypocritical as fuck and didn't stay in your own lane despite the neverending insistence that antis and neutrals stay in theirs - "believe what you want to+
believe" applies to elounor too. now please actually channel this energy towards elounor into actual meaningful activism.
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