Aaj shayad meri kuch dosti tutegi yeha, mera kuch mutuals mujhe shayad kabhi baat bhi na kare but bahot dino se main yeh baat bolna chhati thi bol nhi rahi thi, dosti ke karan, kuch dost naraz honge isiliye..
I have more inclination towards sid, yes I am a shipper
Harr baar i see when it comes to vote between sid and sana, we all shippers say vote both, I also do sometimes, sometimes don't, even in finale shippers voted sid more including me due to some misunderstanding.
Vote, pyar, hype dono ko same Karna hai toh expectations ek se kyun?
Yeh #SidNaaz fd dono ke num pe hai toh content ek se kyun?
When it comes to this fd naaz was always there, even going against her brother, then #SidNaaz tag and #SidNaaz fans ko use karne ka blame ek ko kyun?
Just because she is unfiltered, she is more gratitude towards fans?
Koi koi ab count kareyenge, bolenge Sid doesn't do that, agreed he doesn't, then u all expect from naaz, if you all expect from naaz then vote hype iss fd ka faida bhi naaz ko do, Sirf content gaaliyaan ke nhi..
I am sorry shehnaaz @ishehnaaz_gill
U deserve all the love
Disappointment dikhana hai toh dono ko dikhao ek ko nhi, naaz doesn't deserve this, and #SidHearts (I am not sidhearts, will never be) kabhi logic and kind hearted ho sako toh dekhna sana is the most pure hearted, selfless contestant in the history of bb..
Mine being more inclined towards Sid is another thing, I am disappointed with him but still I love him, I don't know why, I connected more with him.Aab yeh mat bolna connected ho toh Sid ko samajh pati, indeed I understand him, but difference is that i understood him in bb better
Ab toh pata nhi i don't know I feel I don't know this Sid, pyar hain hi buri bala, ho gya toh ab ho gya, I know his all faults, shortcomings still I love him...
Bass yehi kehna tha, bahot dino se..
I was just little conscious abt some frnds not anymore. I hope they'll try to
Understand, if not yeha hi frnd bane yeha hi chot jani hain...
Love you all
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