Did anyone else watch @qanda tonight & think wow... this is some serious bullshit.

On an episode about gas and climate:

1⃣ #qanda failed to mention the $400k in donations that the gas industry has paid to the Liberal party over the last 2 years.
2⃣ #qanda failed to mention anything about the fact that the NCCC board has multiple representatives of the gas industry on it.
3⃣ #qanda failed to mention that there are a large number of serving & former elected officials in the Australian Parliament who have worked for, who's staff have worked for, or whose family members are are invested in the fossil fuel industry.
4⃣ #qanda failed to discuss CSS & properly debunk CSS as a solution for burning coal & gas & expose it as the PR stunt it has been for the last 20 years and tell the truth that CSS only serves as an excuse for coal & gas companies to continue burning coal & gas.
5⃣ #qanda failed to discuss the fact that the government has provided no data or analysis on how it came to it's conclusion that a new gas plant is the best solution when the overwhelming majority of energy experts in the country like @simonahac are suggesting otherwise.
6⃣ #qanda went as far as discussing the possibility that places like the EU may impose trade measures on Australia because of it's terrible climate policy but #qanda wouldn't mention the enormous amount of fossil fuel influence & corruption in the Australian Government.
7⃣Here's the question I had for #qanda

I'm not disappointed that they didn't air my question.

I'm disappointed that #qanda never seem to discuss the topic I was addressing in my question which is fossil fuel influence & corruption in our government. https://twitter.com/DanielBleakley/status/1310395408523210752
Here are some of the coal, oil and gas connections to Australian current and former elected officials which you'll never hear reported on @ABCaustralia https://twitter.com/AccessDisrupt/status/1301310586442018817
And if you'd like to know why so many people have been screaming their lungs out about the #climatecrisis over the last few years, watch this 15 min clip to see what's really at stake. https://twitter.com/DanielBleakley/status/1303862692239740933
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