So, the German presidency proposal for a #ruleoflaw conditionality. (1/X)

1. It's an attempt at compromise (surprise!) that's also implementing the recent EUCO conclusions without twisting them. Hat's off to the German #presidency for trying to juggle these priorities.
2. The links between RoL and money are all over this. On the one hand, it makes selling the point of having a conditionality easier. On the other hand, the rule of law is not just about how are EU #funds used. European Arrest Warrant rears up its head. (2/X)
3. Qualified Majority Voting - or, "you need X votes to sanction a member state" instead of reverse #QMV or "you need X votes to NOT sanction a member state". Well, at least it's not #unanimity... (3/X)
4. Language: from 'generalised #deficiency' to 'breach of the principle of RoL' - breaches must have a 'sufficiently direct' link to the risk of inadequate use of EU funds. I would argue that a breach is easier to pin down than a general deficiency. (4/X)
5. Of course, there's a catch, which is the " #brake" mechanism - having the member state kick the whole thing down the road to the next #Council meeting. Great for slowing things down at the legendarily not-agile European Union. Four thumbs up from Warsaw and Budapest. (5/X)
6. What's next? PL and HUN will likely still be against, the Friends of the Rule of Law will say it's too weak and #France and the South will insist for everyone to hurry up and get it done. Germany wants an agreement with EP in mid-October. That's VERY ambitious. (6/6)
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